KGC Ginseng Corporation,메이저사이트 which achieved an integrated victory, failed to maintain its championship power. However, he moved quickly and secured a replacement card. Expectations are high for the newly formed power.

KGC Ginseng Corporation dominated the 2022-2023 season. In addition to winning the regular league and championship match, he also became the first East Asian Super League (EASL) champion. However, Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon, who had obtained free agent (FA) qualifications, were sent to SK and KT, respectively. Even guard Byun Jun-hyung enlisted. The three were the core of the winning power. Even Yang Hee-jong, who was the spiritual supporter, retired.

In order to compensate for the power leak, KGC Ginseng Corporation worked diligently. Choi Seong-won was brought in to fill the void left by Byun Jun-hyung, and tall forward Jeong Hyo-geun was selected as a replacement for Moon Seong-gon. KGC Ginseng Corporation, which was looking for a big man due to Oh Se-geun’s departure, was also connected to Lee Jong-hyun.

Choi Seong-won, who played for SK, is an offensive and defensive player. It is highly likely that he will play as the starting guard at KGC Ginseng Corporation along with Park Ji-hoon, who is left alone due to the departure of Byun Jun-hyung. Jeong Hyo-geun is also a tall forward who can score goals both inside and outside if he is in good physical shape. Compared to Moon Seong-gon, there are many advantages in terms of offense. The biggest question is how much Lee Jong-hyun, who suffered from frequent injuries, can help. It is expected to draw a competitive landscape with Kim Chul-wook and Kim Kyung-won.

Director Kim Sang-shik of KGC Ginseng Corporation took back the professional team’s baton with difficulty, and his leadership was recognized with the first season’s winning parade. However, as much of the championship power has been lost, the next season will be a real test. Although it has reinforced its power, it is true that there are many question marks. The fate of the ‘defending champion’ will inevitably change depending on how the new game is created with existing strength and newly joined players. 

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