Doosan Bears third-year pitcher Kim Dong-joo (21) is a promising prospect nominated for a high ranking in the 2nd 1st round (10th overall) of the 2021 rookie draft. In 10 games last year, when he debuted in the first team, he had an ERA of 7.56 (14 runs in 16.2 innings) and allowed 5 home runs and 9 walks without a win or loss, but this year, which he prepared steadily from the spring camp in Sydney, Australia, is different from last year. .

At the time of his joining, his basic skills and physical condition (height 190 cm 95 kg) were excellent, but he was evaluated as needing development in terms of technology. His fastball, soft arm swing, concise impact, and high RBI with a height of 190 cm were cited as his strengths. However, it was evaluated that the flexibility of his overall pitching motion was somewhat lacking, and that the disadvantages of center shift also needed to be corrected. It is for this reason that he reduced the high wall of the professional in the first team stage last year.

However, Kim Dong-ju did not waste this time. He gradually adapted to the first team stage by finding improvements every time he stepped on the mound, and in the spring camp, he also raised the average speed of his fastball little by little. During the demonstration game, he raised expectations as one of the 4th and 5th starting candidates, and on March 28, the last demonstration game, against Kiwoom Heroes, he pitched well with 1 run in 5 innings and took the 5th starting position.

As a result, he left unforgettable memories in the game against NC Dinos in Jamsil on the 6th. He pitched 6 innings with 7 hits, 1 walk, 7 strikeouts and no runs, standing tall as the winning pitcher in his first start in his debut. His fastball with a maximum velocity of 150 km,스포츠토토 as well as his slider, splitter, and curve ball, also stood out. Thanks to strengthening his muscle strength and making up for the shortcomings of his pitching motion, he recorded the speed of 150 km per hour expected by the club at the time of his joining, and even improved the movement of the breaking ball falling into the bell.

Thanks to Kim Dong-joo putting the first button well, Doosan, which was struggling with bad news such as the injury and departure of foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle, was able to afford more. Beyond the hidden card on the mound, it is Kim Dong-ju who is emerging as the starting team’s hope.

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