Lee Da-young, a volleyball player who was released from Korea due to the ‘controversy over school violence’ and is active abroad, continued additional exposure regarding the feud with senior Kim Yeon-kyung.

On the 19th, Lee Da-young revealed a conversation she had with a netizen on her own Instagram. Lee Da-young also said, “There are a lot of people who talk rudely to me through DM

. ” What was the beginning of the real feud,” she asked.

At the same time, Lee Da-young specifically mentioned her story of being bullied to the netizen.

According to the contents of the published message, this netizen said to Lee Da-young, “Do you remember that ‘school violence’ (school violence) broke out while trying to shoot Kim Yeon-kyung?” should be She sent a message saying, “Why did you bother me while caring about others when I asked you not to be interested in them?”

Then Lee Da-young said, “Sniper? She seems to be a fan of Kim먹튀검증 Yeon-kyung, but she lived with swearing from before, and bullying is standard, and even in the national team, she treated her as a bar girl in front of her kids,” she argued and refuted.

She also added, “I treated her as an invisible person because of the breakup, and she never hit me when I was practicing on the ball.”

He continued, “I don’t know how difficult it was for me,” and “I contacted them and told them to please stop, and even when I interviewed them, they just ignored everything.”

Then, he said, “I really want to apologize for the mistakes I made when I was young,” and “I want to kneel down and apologize to that friend, but you shouldn’t talk about Kim Yeon-kyung like this.”

Previously, Lee Da-young posted a screenshot of her KakaoTalk conversation on Instagram the day before, referring to an interview article of her twin sister Lee Jae-young’s volleyball specialized media’The Spike’, which has now been deleted the day before. She then explained that this screenshot was of a conversation she had with Kim Yeon-kyung.

Looking at the photo, Lee Da-young said to ‘Kim’ at 12:02 am, “I’m really having a hard time. Every day she practiced, she was scared and frightened,” she said.

He also said, “I haven’t done anything really well, and I know that my sister is more like that because I keep doing things that I would hate to annoy her,” he said. So, I hope that she and her sister will ease their hatred even a little bit.”

“If I do anything wrong, please scold me, I will be more careful. Good night sister,” she greeted.

In response, the other person marked as ‘Kim’ said, “Just endure it even if it’s difficult and scary for me to do that. I don’t like you and I bear with it even if it’s uncomfortable… .” he replied.

On the other hand, before the disclosure of sisters Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young, Kim Yeon-kyung’s side predicted a hard-line response. On the 16th, Ryan@, Kim Yeon-kyung’s agency, said, “We will respond strongly to press releases and YouTubers that are maliciously written and distributed about Kim Yeon-kyung.”

In addition, as Lee Da-young’s revelation continues, it seems that the position will be announced sooner or later.

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