Italy’s Cesare Casadei, who started the scorer in the semi-final against Korea, booked the 2023 FIFA Under-20 World Cup top scorer.

Casaday scored the opening goal in the semifinal match against Korea on the 9th (hereafter Korean time). In the 14th minute of the first half, he opened the Korean goal with a heavy right-footed mid-range shot from the center. He soared by scoring his 7th goal in the tournament.

led the scoring. He took a two-goal lead over Brazil’s Marcus Leonardo, who was second in scoring. The gap between Colombia’s Oscar Cortes and Ecuador’s Justin Quero (more than 4 goals), who are tied for 3rd place, also widened to 2 goals.안전놀이터

The countries of the 2nd and 3rd place players were all eliminated. can’t play anymore Among the three-goal scorers, only Andersson Duarete of Uruguay is the only one with a game left. Duarte needs to score 4 or more goals in the final against Italy to have a chance of passing Casadei.

Casaday, who has virtually become the top scorer, aims for the championship and the Golden Ball at the same time. If Italy defeats Uruguay in the final on the 12th and rises to the top, it is likely to win the triple crown. In addition, the 9 goals recorded by Elling Hollan in the last 2019 competition, Javier Saviola (11 goals in 2001) and Adaiuton (10 goals in 1997), which are the 1st and 2nd highest goalscorers in a tournament, are also challenging.

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