In the soccer world, there are signs that sibling stars will be born who will challenge the stronghold of the brothers Heo Ung (30, Jeonju KCC) and Heo Hoon (28, Sangmu), the ‘sons of Heo Jae’. Lee Tae-seok (21) and Lee Seung-jun (19, FC Seoul), the two sons of Lee Eul-yong (48), head coach of the Yongin City Soccer Center, who played a key role in the semifinals of the Korea-Japan World Cup, are dreaming of “chewing up Korean football” at the same time, wearing the same uniform.

Lee Tae-seok, the eldest son of the Lee Eul-yong family, whom we recently met at Guri GS Champions Park, said, “Like basketball Heo Woong and Heo Hoon, we talk to each other in the soccer world, saying, ‘Let’s chew and eat.’ I want to imprint the fact that we are the best football brothers.

Following in the footsteps of his father, who wore the Seoul uniform from 2004, 2006 to 2008, Lee Tae-seok first debuted in Seoul in 2021. Lee Seung-jun, who was two years younger than him, joined the professional team after passing through the Seoul youth team this year, two years later. When Lee Seung-jun makes his debut, he writes a story in which all three fathers play for the same team.

Lee Seung-jun said, “I’ve been playing in Seoul since middle school. I feel honored to have grown up like this and joined a big club called Seoul. If I play in Sangam (Seoul World Cup Stadium), my heart will explode.”

Lee Tae-seok said, “I imagine that I am playing and my younger brother comes in as a substitute for his debut match. I run to the touchline and reach out to Seung-jun to give him a high-five. “A picture like that can come out.” I think it would be great if brothers from the same family played together in the same club.

“I am (like my father) a left-footed left-sided defender, and Seung-jun is a right-footed attacking midfielder. I thought about whether it would be good to do it. I hope that such a day will come as soon as possible.” At those words, Lee Seung-jun, who was sitting next to him, smiled.

The common modifier for the two brothers is ‘Lee Eul-yong’s son’. As Lee Eul-yong’s son, he first received the spotlight. This is the path that Du-Ri Cha (43), the current head of the Seoul Youth Enhancement Office, who is the “son of Cha Boom,” walked. A famous star father can be a strong umbrella, but sometimes it can also be a shadow that blocks one’s growth.

Lee Tae-seok said, 먹튀검증 “Everyone knows that my father is Lee Eul-yong. I always have that thought. Of course, my father’s name will follow in the future, but I have to work hard to surpass that.”

In the case of Lee Seung-jun, whose father is Lee Eul-yong and his brother is Lee Tae-seok, the burden must have been doubled. Lee Seung-joon, who appealed, “I’m better at dribbling than my dad,” said, “I don’t really care about those things. My dad is my dad, my hyung is my hyung, and I am me. Just as my dad advised me, ‘if you work hard like in high school, you’ll get an opportunity someday.’ I will try,” he said. Lee Tae-seok said he advised his younger brother about ‘waiting’ on his way to work for his first professional team training.

Is football the only topic of conversation in the ‘soccer family’? Lee Tae-seok said, “Rather, we don’t talk about football. We have everyday conversations. These days, we sit on the sofa and watch ‘the girls who hit the goal’ together.” ‘Goal Hitters’ is a soccer variety show starring Lee Eul-yong. Lee Seung-jun said, “At first, while watching the show, I thought, ‘Oh, this doesn’t sound like much’, but as I’ve accumulated experience, it seems that he’s good at broadcasting. These days, I enjoy watching it. My dad’s charm is his ‘strong’ remarks.”

Lee Tae-seok said that there is a hierarchy in the family. Youngest sister – second son – eldest son. He laughed, saying, “When her sister brings her friends home, she locks us in her room because she’s ashamed.” Lee Seung-jun said, “I used to fight a lot with her older brother. ‘Naughty’ I told my mom, and her mom scolded her older brother. She’s almost like her friend these days.” Lee Tae-seok did not deny it.

Her older brothers said in one voice that her younger sister seemed to have recently increased her interest in soccer. Lee Tae-seok said, “It seems to be influenced by the World Cup.” When asked, ‘Cho Kyu-seong?’, he nodded vigorously. He emphasized, “(even for his brother) I thought I had to work hard to go to the World Cup. The World Cup is the stage I’ve dreamed of.”

Lee Tae-seok sets a good example for his younger brother, Lee Seung-jun. Lee Tae-seok is famous for his thorough self-management, to the extent that there are jokes that he is unable to use his strength in the actual game because he trains too hard. As of the 15th, Lee Seung-jun, who is training with his brother in Hua Hin, Thailand, said, “Hyung is really serious about sports. I’m trying to follow him.” Lee Tae-seok said, “I played a lot of games in my first season of debut, but I faltered last year. Based on my experience over the past two years, I will try to show better performances. Now I feel that I have to sacrifice more for the team.”

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