Lee Joo-mi (28, Golden Blue) won her first victory in her 148th participation in the regular tour (1st division) of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA).

At Ferrum Club (par 72, 6652 yards) in Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do, the 2023 KLPGA Regular Tour ‘2nd Mediheal Hankook Ilbo Championship’ was held on the 13th and 16th with a total prize money of 1 billion won.

Lee Joo-mi finished second with a final total of 12 under par 276 strokes (67-68-73-68), beating Park Hyeon-kyung (23, Korea Real Estate Trust) by two strokes and won the 2nd Mediheal Hankook Ilbo Championship, winning prize money of 180 million won got ten thousand won

Lee Joo-mi, who made her KLPGA Tour debut in the 2015 season, was far from winning the first division, as this tournament was her 2nd TOP5 and 4th TOP10.

Even if the range is expanded to all official games of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association, Kaido Golf Grand CC Presented by Hyundai Securities in the 2014 season’s Dream Tour (second division) was the first and last KLPGA tournament to reach the top of the 8th round.

Lee Joo-mi won 552,625,966 won in prize money on the regular tour until the 2nd Mediheal and Hankook Ilbo Championships.메이저사이트 Her KLPGA prize money, including her dream tour and jump tour (third division), is 621,432,659 won.

Below is the full text of the interview with Lee Joo-mi who won the 2nd Mediheal Hankook Ilbo Championship.

– How do you feel about winning?

▲ She interviewed at the media center for the first time in the second round and never thought that she would come back to this place. She feels new to sit in this seat again. She thanks her parents for all their hard work so far. It seems to have compensated me in some small way. I haven’t realized it yet, but it’s really good.

– When did you know you were at the forefront?

▲ When I recorded a par on the 16th hole and looked at the scoreboard, I saw that I was tied for the lead. From then on, I was really nervous.

– He said he was nervous, but he made a birdie in the next hole.

▲ It wasn’t that I had to make a birdie. Her idea was to pass it safely on the 17th hole and try for a birdie on the final 18th hole.

– In the broadcast interview, you said you wished there were more fans?

▲ If you look at the KLPGA tour, there are many fans who always follow the players. I was really grateful for the many people who cheered me on today, but I also have a small wish to have a fandom.

– There were many outstanding players in the champion group. What if you played in Champion Joe?

▲ I think I was able to win because I didn’t play in the champion group. Even in the third round, I was very nervous because I played in the last group.

– In the 1st and 2nd rounds, all the plays were not going well, but he said he survived with just one putt. How was your day?

▲ In the 1st and 2nd rounds, only the putts went well, but in the 3rd round, even the putts were not good. Fortunately, as the shots that didn’t go well until the final round began to gather around the pin, many opportunities were created.

– Were there any hardships during your career as a player?

▲ There were so many. My parents also told me to quit golf and find a second life. Still, since I started playing golf, I had a strong desire to try something and finish it.

– In the second round interview, you said that you get angry when your play doesn’t go well.

▲ Today, as I was greedy, I got angry when my play didn’t go well in the middle. However, I changed my mind and now my goal is not to win, but I calmed down with the thought of raising even one rank above my best result of 5th place.

– In the second round interview, you said your goal was to achieve results without worrying about seeds in the first half of the year, and you have already achieved it. new goal?

▲ Unexpectedly, two more years have passed. I haven’t set any goals right now, but I think it’s necessary to revise the existing goals.

– How will you use the prize money?

▲ It is a happy worry. What comes to mind now is that my hometown is Busan, so I got a room in Yongin, but the contract period is coming to an end. I wonder if it will be used to get a new room.

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