Lee Jun-hyeop put in a lot of effort to become a valuable one-point server for the team from a trainee player who could not enter the warm-up zone at will. And now, he is embarking on another hard work to increase his playing time.

Trainee players, who are nominated after all regular nomination rounds in the rookie player draft, can be understood as a V-League intern or trainee. Although they accompany and train with the team, they are not recognized as official players. Until you become a registered player and appear on the player list, you cannot play with your teammates on the field.

These days, when even players selected in the first round have to worry about being released after one season, it is rare for a trainee player to survive the competition and become a full-time player. That’s why V-League fans often give the glorious title ‘trainee legend’ to players who have built meaningful careers after becoming regular players. Hongjeong Kim (KB Insurance), Dasol Kim (Heungkuk Life Insurance), and Minji Park (IBK Industrial Bank of Korea) are the main characters who wrote the legend of trainee athletes.

And here is another athlete dreaming of becoming a legendary athlete. This is Hyundai Capital’s setter Lee Jun-hyeop. Lee Jun-hyeop, who joined Hyundai Capital as a trainee player in the 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Rookie Player Draft, became an officially registered player of Hyundai Capital on December 1, 2022, and has since been active as the team’s one-point server, appearing in spring volleyball as well. revealed. It was an unforgettable first season for him as a professional.

I was able to meet Lee Jun-hyeop in the lobby of the accommodation after finishing the second day of the 2023 pre-season men’s professional volleyball tournament between Hyundai Capital and Korea Electric Power Corporation held at the Danyang National Sports Center on the 18th. Lee Jun-hyeop said, “As it was his first off-season, he didn’t know how to spend it, but after the break, he spent his time systematically getting in shape. “He has been doing technical training recently as the season approaches먹튀검증,” he said, first introducing his current status in the off-season. He said, “My most memorable experience was playing a practice match with the Thai national team during the training camp in Thailand. “It was a good experience,” he said, also introducing the most memorable off-season episode.

What did last season mean to Lee Jun-hyeop, when he joined as a trainee player, became a registered player, and advanced to the spring volleyball stage? He said, “Actually, I was very disappointed when the draft ended. However, he honestly revealed his inner feelings about last season, saying, “The fact that I thought it was not over yet and continued to work hard played a big role (in converting to a registered player).”

When asked if he remembers his debut match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the 5th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League, Lee Jun-hyeop said, “I remember. I didn’t have great expectations, but I went into the game. “I thought I would be very nervous, but I was able to hit the serve the way I wanted to, just like I had done so far,” he said, recalling his courageous times. He said, “Not only the debut game, but also the playoffs and championship games were all memorable. “Even though it was my first season, being able to play spring volleyball was a valuable experience for me,” he added.

I also asked what the differences were between volleyball in college and professional volleyball. Lee Jun-hyeop said, “In the professional world, each player has different areas to focus on in preparation. “Until college, I practiced in a variety of ways to be good at everything, but in the pros, it’s more important to develop solid weapons that can help the team,” he said.

Lee Jun-hyeop mainly plays as a one-point server, using his sharp serve as his main weapon, but his main position is a setter. When asked if he had any desire to participate as a setter, Lee Jun-hyeop said, “Right now, I will work harder to prepare my serve, which is my strength. He gave a dignified answer, saying, “If you work hard at position training, an opportunity will come.”

“I unfortunately finished second last season, so I really want to win this season. Lee Jun-hyeop, who expressed his ambition by saying, “Personally, I want to play in more games,” concluded the interview by saying, “I will show a better performance so that we can win the championship this season. “I hope the fans will support us as hard as they did last season,” he said, greeting the fans.

Lee Jun-hyeop continued to persevere and work hard to become a one-point server who could be trusted even in the championship match from a trainee player with no guaranteed future. I am curious and looking forward to what the next achievement will be for Lee Jun-hyeop, who has realized the truth that his efforts do not betray but produce achievements.

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