On the 12th, Lee Jun-seok, former representative of People’s Power, said on his Facebook page on the 12th, “It seems that he was trying to be loyal to the organization, not to the person,” regarding Colonel Park Jung-hoon, the former head of the Marine Corps, who was stigmatized for protesting during the investigation of the death of Corporal Chae Su-geun. If you wanted to be loyal to people, there would be no reason to go through such hardships.”

This is a quote from President Yoon Seok-yeol’s remarks at a parliamentary audit, saying that he was subjected to outside pressure when he was the head of the National Intelligence먹튀검증 Service’s comment investigation team. At the time, President Yoon drew attention by saying, “I am not loyal to people.”

Lee appears to have pointed out that just as President Yoon came to the National Assembly after being suppressed by the regime, Colonel Park was also in a similar situation. This can also be interpreted as meaning that the current administration is exerting external pressure on Colonel Park.

Colonel Park, former head of the marine corps investigation team who was dismissed from his post on charges of collective mutiny while investigating the death of Corporal Chae Su-geun, applies for the Military Prosecutor’s Investigation Review Committee on the 14th.

Attorney Kim Gyeong-ho, the legal representative of Colonel Park, said, “The objective and fair third institution mentioned by the head of the investigation team on the 11th is the Military Prosecutors’ Investigation Deliberation Committee.” announced on the 13th.

Attorney Kim said, “This case is a case in which the head of the investigation refused the investigation by the Ministry of National Defense prosecutors’ team, arguing for ‘defense’.” incident,” he said.

At the same time, he added, “Since it is a case that raises many national suspicions and attracts social attention, it is very necessary and significant to proceed with the Investigation Review Committee, not the Ministry of National Defense Prosecutors’ Office, regarding ‘whether to continue the investigation’ and ‘whether to file a prosecution or not to prosecute’.” .

On the 11th, Colonel Park announced that he would reject the investigation by the Defense Ministry’s prosecution team. At the same time, President Yoon Seok-yeol requested, “As the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, do not turn a blind eye to the grievances of a single soldier, and ask for help to receive a fair investigation and trial in a third investigative agency.”

Colonel Park was dismissed from his post on the 8th for handing over the results of the investigation into the accident of Corporal Chae Su-geun to the police despite instructions not to do so.

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