Lee Seok-bae, CEO of the Quantum Energy Research Institute, said, “There will be a place to gather and present in the near future” regarding issues related to the thesis manuscript claiming the success of developing a room temperature superconductor.

In a phone interview with Newsis on the morning of the 4th먹튀검증, CEO Lee revealed his current business situation. According to the academic community, a domestic research team led by CEO Lee and Professor Emeritus Oh Geun-ho of Hanyang University posted two papers related to the room-temperature superconductor ‘ LK-99

‘ on the thesis pre-disclosure site ‘Archive’ on the 22nd of last month. The archive is a site where anyone can upload manuscripts of papers that have not yet been verified by the academic community, such as peer review. After the publication of the manuscript, the reaction to room temperature superconductors is hot all over the world. Related theme stocks were formed and stock prices skyrocketed, and domestic and foreign academic circles are verifying whether LK-99 exhibits superconductivity at room temperature. Eventually, the Korean Superconducting and Low Temperature Society recently launched the LK-99 Verification Committee and started cross-verification. The society said that it is not currently in a situation where it can be concluded that LK-99 is a room-temperature superconductor, and that specimens (sample) must be verified. According to the society, the research institute replied that it would take at least 2 to 4 weeks to provide specimens that could affect the screening results as thesis related to LK-99 is being reviewed.

Newsis visited the office of the Quantum Energy Research Institute located in Songpa-gu, Seoul this morning. I tried to interview the employees who came to work, but they did not respond, and the office door was firmly locked.

In a phone call with Newsis, CEO Lee said, “Since we have released the recipe for our substance ( LK-99 ) to the world, the world is now verifying it. It’s a crazy situation,” he said, explaining the company’s current situation.

Representative Lee said, “It’s hard to explain in detail because I’m not involved in anything other than development.”

Some are also raising suspicions that the research institute used some of its partners on its website without permission. The research institute is a cooperative company with famous conglomerates and universities such as Samsung SDI , SKC Solmics (now SK Npulse), LG Innotek, POSCO, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Sumimoto Corporation, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Korean Chemical Society, Korea University, Hanyang University, Inje University, Posted by researchers. However, some of the companies listed as partners revealed that they had never signed an official agreement with the institute or conducted research together. Currently, the institute has closed the official website with the announcement that ‘the site is being prepared’.

Representative Lee did not specifically answer questions about when the announcement would be made.

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