All preparations are over.

The men’s and women’s 3×3 national team, which will participate in the FIBA ​​3×3 Asia Cup 2023, finished training with the standing referee of the Korea Basketball Association at Jincheon National Training Center on the 24th. The national team practiced in a real-life environment under the rules of the 3×3 international competition.

Coach Kang Yang-hyun, who leads the men’s national team, said, “We explained and understood the rules through video analysis and meetings. With the help of the standing referee, the players practiced within the rules of the international competition and were able to feel the 3×3 rule with their bodies.” said.

Heo Hoon also opened his mouth saying, “It was more helpful.” He went on to talk about the opposing team via video meeting. South Korea competes against New Zealand (9th place), Turkmenistan (18th place) and Tonga (23rd place) in Group B of the 2023 FIBA ​​3×3 Asia Cup Qualifying Draw, with the first place in the group advancing to the upper round.

Hoon Heo said, “They are teams with good physical abilities. It wasn’t much different from what I expected. If we play the game as we prepared, I think it will lead to good results.”

The women’s national team led by coach Jeon Byeong-jun also completed special training. There was help from Primetime, run by CEO Park Chan-sung.

Coach Jeon said, “He became my partner for practice during prime time. There was also a special skill training session in line with 3×3. Thank you very much.”

For the women’s national team, Lee Da-yeon, Lee Soo-jeong, Lim Gyu-ri, and Jung Ye-rim trained together with two Korean-Japanese players.

Lee Da-yeon said,카지노 “In the meantime, we played practice games on our own without changing players. Since we practiced like a regular game, it was nice to be able to practice the timing of substitutions and foul management. The opponent must have many players bigger and stronger than us, but we practiced strong physical fighting against prime time. could,” he said.

Jeong Ye-rim added, “The 3×3 call was as hard as I thought.

The Korean 3×3 team leaves for Singapore, where the competition will be held on the 27th. I support the national team’s injury-free propaganda.

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