Can Ryan Mason, acting manager of Tottenham, take off the acting tag?

You have a strong supporter.메이저사이트 ‘Core’ and ‘Captain’ Harry Kane. According to Sporting News on the 8th (Korean time), Kane is known to evaluate Mason as having the talent to become a regular manager. In an interview after the Crystal Palace match, Kane said, “We support Mason. Mason has been through the academy, he knows what the fans want and how we play. He brings his passion here. It’s up to the president to decide, but in the last three games we’ve been counting on him to improve the team.”

He also praised the tactical part. “I have confidence in Mason,” Kane said. “I think we controlled it. We had some disappointments in some areas, but we did well as we trained. I’m happy we got a clean sheet win.”

Tottenham sacked manager Antonio Conte and assigned assistant coach Christian Stellini, number 2, to act. However, Acting Stellini lost credibility with a 1-6 defeat against Newcastle. He was criticized for a press conference that seemed to be blaming others. Tottenham once again brought out the knife. Stellini was sacked. I found an agent again. It was Coach Mason who had successfully acted as an agent in the past.

Mason assumed the role after manager Jose Mourinho was sacked in 2021. He showed more than expected. Mason stepped down from his acting job and took on the role of coach. He came out as a firefighter again this time and made an impressive appearance. In particular, in the match against Palace, he boldly gave up the existing three-back and took out a 4-4-2 card to lead a scoreless game and win in a month. Of course, Son Heung-min had to be sacrificed defensively, but it was a valuable victory for Tottenham.

Tottenham are looking for a manager to lead the team next season. Former Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann is the most likely candidate, while Brendan Rodgers and Mauricio Pochettino are on the list. All of them are masters, but from the perspective of Tottenham, who recently appointed a big name manager and failed, it is inevitable to be burdened again. Acting Mason has many positive elements in that it is a lottery worth scratching, and above all, he knows the internal circumstances of Tottenham better than anyone else. Kane said: “Ultimately we have three games left. I don’t want to look far. The club will make the best decision for the players, the fans and the club. We have to wait and see.” Kane, who plays an absolute role in the team, is also supported, and the atmosphere of Tottenham manager appointment is changing.

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