The possibility of two geniuses meeting is increasing.

Lee Kang-in’s move to PSG is imminent.토토사이트 On the 13th (Korean time), France’s ‘RMC Sports’ said, “PSG offered 22 million euros (approximately 30.5 billion won) for Lee Kang-in.” On the 13th, Loic Tanji of ‘L’Equipe’ in France said, “Lee Kang-in already passed the PSG medical test in Paris earlier this week.”

PSG initially offered a higher amount than Atletico Madrid, who was connected to Lee Kang-in. According to Spanish media Lelebo, Atlético has shown interest in Kang-in Lee since January and persuaded Mallorca by proposing a negotiation plan involving winger Rodrigo Riquelme for 12 million euros (approximately 16.6 billion won). However, Mallorca wanted more than 20 million euros (about 27.8 billion won) in cash, and negotiations with PSG, which offered 22 million euros (about 30.5 billion won), progressed rapidly.

In fact, the transfer is confirmed. Fabricio Romano, who boasts the highest public confidence in the transfer market, also said that Lee Kang-in’s transfer was a ‘matter of time’. Romano said on his social media on the 14th, “PSG has concluded a verbal agreement with Lee Kang-in on a long-term contract. The medical test has already been completed, and the final details have been arranged between the parties. He will join PSG soon.”

While the ‘genius’ Lee Kang-in’s move to PSG is imminent, manager Julian Nagelsmann, who is called a ‘genius’, is also being talked about going to PSG. Romano said on the 16th, “Coach Nagelsmann and PSG are in direct talks. We are currently working on details. The club is having a busy week, but negotiations between the club and Nagelsmann continue. It is in progress,” he said.

Nagelsmann is the so-called ‘tactical genius’. He was born in 1987 and has a successful directing career at a young age. Recognized for his leadership at Hoffenheim and Leipzig, he entered a big club called Bayern Munich in 2021. He had concerns, but in the 2021-22 season, he was building a successful career by winning the German Bundesliga and also lifting the DFB-Super Cup.

But last season Munich parted ways with him. Munich appointed Maas Tuchel instead of Nagelsmann, and won the Bundesliga title last season. Instead of unilaterally leaving coach Nagelsmann, Munich decided to pay him as a kind of compensation concept.

Coach Nagelsmann became unemployed, but there were many teams looking for him. Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea were looking for him, but his contract was not finalized. In the meantime, PSG approached Nagelsmann, and it is said that they are currently negotiating ahead of the new season.

However, as Mbappe recently announced that it would not extend the contract until 2025, PSG is taking care of it. PSG is planning to sell Mbappe, who has a year left on the contract, in the transfer market this summer or renew the contract. As soon as the Mbappe incident is sorted out, the appointment of coach Nagelsmann is expected to progress rapidly. Also, the official announcement of the sacking of the current manager, Christophe Galtier, is expected to come out soon. The possibility of Lee Kang-in meeting with coach Nagelsmann is increasing day by day.

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