The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced its position on independent먹튀검증 lawmaker Yoon Mi-hyang’s attendance at the Great Kanto Earthquake Massacre Memorial Ceremony hosted by the General Association of Koreans in Japan (Chongryon), calling it “inappropriate.”

An official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on the 2nd, “I think it is even more inappropriate to attend an event related to Chongryon at a time when North Korea has been carrying out nuclear and missile provocations.”

Regarding the support Rep. Yoon received from the Korean Embassy in Japan in the process of entering Japan, “The National Assembly Secretariat has requested cooperation regarding Rep. Yoon’s visit to Japan through an official document, and (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) has cooperated within the scope of the request.” explained.

He also mentioned, “The official document of the National Assembly Secretariat did not specify that (the event Rep. Yoon attended) was an event related to Chongryon.”

He emphasized, “The Embassy in Japan only provided vehicle support between the airport and the accommodation in accordance with the request for cooperation, and there was no event-related support at all.”

Rep. Yoon is being criticized for attending the Great Kanto Earthquake Massacre of Koreans held by Chongryon, a pro-North Korea ethnic group in Japan, at Yokoamicho Park in Tokyo the day before.

It is reported that he received vehicle support from the Embassy in Japan while entering Japan on the 30th of last month.

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