The wind of reform is blowing in Phoenix.

According to a report by local media ‘The Athletic’ on the 16th (Korean time), it is known that Tyrone Lu is the manager the Phoenix Suns want the most after they sacked Monty Williams.

Currently, Lu is managing the Los Angeles Clippers. Manager Lou is not fired, and he is said to be in a situation where an extension contract with the Clippers is possible.

Phoenix has been a constant noise since the beginning of this season. It was decided not to appoint Crowder due to a disagreement with Jae Crowder, who was the main forward. Crowder was a player who was deeply trusted by Phoenix players and was a symbol of Phoenix’s team chemistry.

Phoenix, which had a bad start due to the departure of Crowder and injuries to key players such as Chris Paul and Devin Booker, tried to gamble for the championship by recruiting Kevin Durant, who was due for a trade. However, in the second round of the playoffs, they were eliminated by the Denver Nuggets, and as a result, manager Williams was fired.

Coach Williams is the person who has led Phoenix since 2019 and made it the best team in the NBA. No other coach in the NBA has done better than Williams during this period. To replace such manager Williams, a manager with a high reputation will have to be appointed.토스카지노

Director Lu can be seen as the right person for that. Coach Lou is the person who won the championship ring with Lebron James during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is second to none as a manager who is good at handling superstar players. Phoenix has Booker and Durant. If coach Lu takes over, Phoenix will be a thousand and ten thousand miles.

The key is who will be Phoenix’s next season’s command tower. 

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