NC outfielder Kwon Hee-dong (33) was called up to the first team for the first time this season. 

NC registered Kwon Hee-dong in the place where outfielder Oh Tae-yang was canceled from the first-team entry ahead of the game with Changwon LG on the 4th. Upon joining the first team of the season, Kwon Hee-dong was named in the starting lineup as the 5th hitter and center fielder. The first trip of the season was delayed because the game was canceled due to rain. 

Kwon Hee-dong, a right-handed outfielder from Gyeongju High School and Kyungnam University, was nominated by the NC in the 84th overall in the 9th round in 2013. Until last year, he played a total of 857 games in 9 seasons with the first team, recording a batting average of .259, 645 hits, 81 homers, 381 RBIs, 320 walks, 475 strikeouts, an on-base percentage of .353, a slugging percentage of .406, and an OPS of .759. 

From the first year of NC’s first team to the first integrated championship in 2020, he played an active role as an outfielder, but was hit by a cold wind last winter. Last year, his batting average was .2027 (54 hits in 238 at-bats), 5 homers, 22 RBIs and .654 OPS in 82 games, and the market value declined significantly. 

The range of movement was even narrower because it was a B-class free agent who needed compensation players in addition to 25 protected players. Eventually, on February 27, when the spring camp was in full swing, I had to sign a contract with NC for a maximum of 125 million won, with an annual salary of 90 million won and an incentive of 35 million won. 

Kwon Hee-dong, who prepared for the season in the 2nd team, recorded a batting average of 2.44 (11 hits in 45 at-bats), 1 home run and 7 RBIs in 16 games in the Futures League. From Samsung on the 27th of last month to Hanwha on the 30th, he raised the sense of hitting with two hits and multi-hits in three consecutive games. 

NC has a large gap in the central batting line after foreign hitter Jason Martin left after four games in the opening due to micro damage to the internal oblique muscle. Six batters, including Son A-seop, Park Kun-woo, Park Seok-min, Kim Seong-wook, Oh Young-soo, and Yoon Hyeong-jun, took turns batting fourth. 

With the return of Martin,스포츠토토 who hit a home run in the Futures League game that day, is imminent, Kwon Hee-dong joined the first team first. NC, which has recently been in a deep recession, is looking forward to the veteran’s revival. It is a good opportunity for Kwon Hee-dong to let go of FA sorrow.

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