While the 2023 Wimbledon finals opened on the 3rd (local time)먹튀검증, the victim of the biggest surprise on the first day of the finals was Coco Gauff (USA, 7th in the world).

Gauff ended his singles schedule after the first round. Gauff lost 4-6 6-4 2-6 to Sophia Kenin (USA, world No. 128) in the first round of the women’s singles held on Court 1 at Wimbledon, London, England on the 3rd. Kenin is a former 2020 Australian Open winner. 

In the end, mistakes made the difference between winning and losing. Gauff committed 33 unforced errors that day and self-destructed, while Kenny only made 18, half of Gauff. In terms of stability, Kenin was ahead, which eventually led to the outcome of the match.

Gauff made a series of mistakes from the third game of the first set and allowed the first break of the day. Of the four points Kenin earned, only one was the winner. The remaining three points were Gauff’s two forced errors and one unforced error. From the beginning of the match, Gauff’s mistakes began. 

In the end, Kenin took the lead in the first set due to this break. Gauff recorded 9 unforced errors in the first set. Although Kenin did not have her serve ace, she definitely had the upper hand in her own serve game, including her first serve success rate of 79%, first serve scoring rate of 79%, and second serve scoring rate of 100%.

Gauff recovered in the second set. Breaking Kenin’s serve game in her final 10th game worked. She popped 18 winners, taking her first serve situation scoring rate to 73%. However, there were still a lot of unforced errors at 11.

The third set was a one-sided victory for Kenin. Kenin managed to break from the first game. Including the return ace, Kenin threw a total of three winners. It was Gauff’s sub game, but Kenin’s attack shined even more.

The fourth game victory was decisive. This time, Kenin made a lot of mistakes. However, every time Gauff had a break point chance, Kenin responded with a winner. In the end, after five deuces, Kenin won and kept the point. Gauff’s last two goals were both mistakes.

Gauff even gave up his seventh game, which started with his own serve. Gauff took the first chance to end the game with the advantage. However, he blew the chance with a double fault, and missed the forehand stroke in succession, giving up the game. In fact, the game is over.

It was Kenin’s 10th career victory over a top 10 player. He is an unfortunate player who could not continue his upward trend due to the Corona 19 pandemic that broke out right after winning the 2020 Australian Open. Last year, due to overlapping injuries, the year-end world rankings fell to 235th.

Kenin, who passed the preliminaries for this tournament with 3 wins, raised his momentum by capturing even the 7th seed Gauff. In the second round, she faces Wang Xinyu (China, world No. 73). 

“I know where I’ve been and I know where I need to be,” Kenin said after the match. 

Gauff experienced the humiliation of being eliminated in the first round of Wimbledon for the first time in his career. With grass court performance that was not bad compared to his career performance, he was also considered as one of the surprise championship candidates, but all his dreams were dashed in the first round. Gauff seeks to restore honor in women’s doubles. Her partner is Jessica Pegula (USA, world number 4).

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