The issue of Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) trade, which had been quiet, is showing signs of coming to the surface again.

On the 24th (hereinafter Korean time), the owner of the Los Angeles Angels, Ate Moreno, suddenly declared that he would not sell the club. He said he hopes to achieve his goal of winning the World Series, and that he and his members aren’t ready to part with the fans.

As this happens, attention is focused on Ohtani’s future. The reason Moreno, the owner of the team, declared that Ohtani could not be traded this offseason was because it was linked to the issue of selling the club. Everyone knows that Moreno, the owner of the club, did not openly talk about it, but he made a calculation to keep Ohtani in order to maximize the value of the club.토토사이트

However, as there was no sale, the owner of Moreno came to a situation where he had to present a blueprint for the management of the club. direction must be determined. On the 24th, the LA Times suggested eight things the owner of Moreno should do. He mentioned various issues and challenges inside and outside the club.

The last thing I mentioned is also a typo. The LA Times said, “Moreno owners should be willing to invest more than $500 million in Ohtani. This could make the Angels a frequent luxury tax violator. You might say Moreno is unfair, but it isn’t. That is the cost of running a franchise in the market.”

In the end, it means that the owner of Moreno has to decide whether or not to keep Ohtani, who is being talked about a contract worth at least 500 million dollars, even if he has to pay the luxury tax. If you don’t want to pay the luxury tax, trading Ohtani is the answer. As mentioned several times, the Angels gain nothing if Ohtani is taken away from the 2023-2024 free agent market. The answer is to trade right away and get the best prospect package ever. The Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets are teams ready to recruit Ohtani.

“If Moreno doesn’t change his ways, the Angels should trade Ohtani before they go nowhere,” said Pansided’s Hello Hengout. If you don’t think seriously and don’t want to spend money like the owner of a big market club, there’s no reason to hold on to Ohtani. You should trade now or before the trade deadline. Losing in vain (in the FA market) should not happen.”

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