It wasn’t just a hike, it was a commute. Everyone says to only go on the main road, but there are incidents on the main roads and on the hiking trails…

On the morning of the 20th, at the funeral home of Korea University Guro Hospital, Mr. B, the brother of victim A of the sexual assault and murder case in Sillim-dong, was speechless as he thought of his younger brother who had passed away the day before . Mr. B said, “My younger brother came down to Busan two weeks ago and spent time with his family.” He said, “After passing the employment examination 10 years ago, he was a smart younger brother who saved enough money to buy a house in Seoul by himself. After his father passed away last year, we contacted him frequently and stayed friendly, but this happened in a year… ”he swallowed the cry.

On the morning of the 17th, suspect Choi Mo (30, arrested) was arrested on charges of beating and killing A while attempting to sexually assault him on a hiking trail in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul. On the day of the incident, Mr. A was on his way to school through a hiking trail to prepare for the teaching staff training that starts at 2:00 pm. Mr. B said, “It seems that his younger brother enjoyed sports, so he chose the trail near the school to go to work.”

Acquaintances “should be recognized as deceased”… 먹튀검증Cho Hee-yeon “Strong effort”
Acquaintances all recalled Mr. A as “a person with a strong sense of responsibility.” Even at a relatively young age, Mr. A was recognized for his ability, and he was invited to the school where he was working and took the position of head of the sports department. Mr. A, who always went to work about an hour earlier, said that at the time of the incident, he was in charge of training planning, so he rushed to work. Then he met the suspect Choi and suffered a disaster. Mr. A’s college classmate, Mr. Kim (34), said, “It seems like just yesterday that he told me to be careful while mentioning the ‘Shillim Station stabbing incident’, but it is so disastrous,” she shed tears. Then, she said, “I think it should be recognized as a loss of life because it happened while I was on my way to work.”

Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Superintendent Cho Hee-yeon, who visited the mortuary at around 8:00 pm on the 19th, said, “Listening to the bereaved family, it seems that it was an official disaster.” said.

On this day, former and current colleagues who visited the mortuary commemorated the deceased without leaving their seats until around midnight. A colleague said, “It’s none of my business. I’m worried about the teachers here too,” she said, causing Vinso to cry. The next day, the steps of the deceased’s disciples and acquaintances continued. Hyeon-mo (49), who worked with the deceased for six years as a women’s soccer club, said, “She was her friend who took the initiative by taking on jobs that others were reluctant to do, such as accounting. She was so smart that she even produced her own PPT for every game ,” she said.

Victim A was transferred to a university hospital immediately after the incident and was treated in an intensive care unit, but died on the afternoon of the 19th. He is said to have been unconscious and in critical condition from the first time he was brought to the emergency room.

Accordingly, the Seoul Gwanak Police Station announced on the 20th that it had changed the charges against the suspect Choi from rape and injury to rape and murder. According to the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (Rape, Murder and Manslaughter), if the charges are acknowledged, Mr. Choi could face the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Previously, in the process of police investigation, Mr. Choi said, “I committed the crime because I wanted to commit sexual assault. He put knuckles in both hands and assaulted the victim,” he admitted to most of the charges. However, he insisted that the sexual assault allegation was “no more than an attempt”. Murder crimes such as rape also apply to attempted criminals, but the key question is whether the intent of the murder is recognized. A police official said, “At the time of the victim’s death, the crime was changed to murder, such as rape, of course.”

It was investigated that the suspect Choi lived with his parents at a house in Doksan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, without a certain job. He was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the crime, but was found to have been hospitalized for depression. The police plan to hold a personal information disclosure committee next week and decide whether to disclose Choi’s face, name, and age.

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