Incidents and accidents do not stop in the bank district.

This is Daegu Bank.

It was revealed that the bank employees had forged customer스포츠토토 documents and opened more than 1,000 accounts illegally, and the Financial Supervisory Service launched an emergency inspection due to a delay in reporting to the authorities.

This is reporter Park Ji-woon.


Daegu Bank, which announced its transition to a commercial bank last month.

<Hwang Byung-woo/President of Daegu Bank (6th of last month)> “It is expected that Daegu Bank’s sustainable competitiveness will be significantly strengthened by the transition to a commercial bank.”

However, within a month of this declaration, illegal activities were revealed and were subject to an emergency inspection by the Financial Supervisory Service.

The problem stemmed from the competition for opening accounts with securities companies linked to deposit and withdrawal bankbooks that started last year.

If the customer who was asked to create a brokerage-linked account agreed to this, he copied the customer’s application and created another account that he did not consent to.

There are over 1,000 accounts that have been secretly opened like this.

They even blocked the notification text to hide the fact that they secretly created an account.

In particular, Daegu Bank did not immediately report the problem to the Financial Supervisory Service even after identifying the problem, and sent an official letter to the branches to guide them to prevent unwholesome business practices, but the FSS predicted strong sanctions.

<Lee Bok-hyeon/Director of the Financial Supervisory Service> “We intend to hold the highest legally permissible responsibility for various responsibilities, including delays in reporting by the authorities despite being identified inside the bank…

” As for whether it will have a negative impact on the conversion of commercial banks, he only said that he would check whether there are any deficiencies in internal control.

From embezzlement, large and small, to misappropriation of undisclosed information and opening illegal accounts,

voices criticizing bankers’ moral hazard are growing.

This is Park Ji-woon from Yonhap News TV .

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