Research has shown that paper straws, which are often perceived as ‘eco-friendly’, can be just as harmful to the human body and the environment as straws made of plastic먹튀검증. According to Germany’s dpa

news agency on the 25th (local time), Belgian researchers tested 39 eco-friendly straw brand products distributed in their country for whether they contain perfluorinated compounds ( PFAS ), and as a result, 27 of them were found in two analyzes. PFAS was detected in 69%) . A total of 18 PFAS were identified . PFAS , which is called ‘eternal chemical’, is a substance that is not naturally decomposed and is harmful to humans, animals and plants, and the environment, so countries around the world are scrambling to regulate it. In particular, PFAS was found in 18 out of 20 paper straws (90%) . The substance was found in 4 out of 5 bamboo straws (80%), 3 out of 4 plastic straws (75%), and 2 out of 5 glass straws (40%). PFAS were not detected in stainless steel straws . The research team analyzed that the high PFAS detection rate of paper straws could be due to the use of PFAS in waterproof coatings.

Prof. Timo Grofen, an environmental scientist at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, said that the detection of PFAS in plant -based straws widely used in the United States led to the discovery of straws used in supermarkets and restaurants in Belgium, and the result came out. In the case of perfluorooctanoic acid ( PFOA

) , the most frequently detected PFAS , the research team has already banned its use from 2020, and in addition, trifluoroacetic acid ( TFA ) and trifluoromethanesulfonic acid ( TFMS ) are easily soluble in water. He explained that there was also a substance classified as ‘ ultra-short-chain’ (超短鎖) PFAS . However, the research team did not address whether PFAS contained in straws actually dissolves in beverages, etc., in this study. In addition , since the degree of accumulation of PFAS in the body is low and most people use straws only occasionally, the harmfulness of these straws to the human body may be limited. However, Prof. Grofen said, “Even small amounts of PFAS, which in themselves would not be harmful, can increase the load on the chemical already present in the body.” Touted as more sustainable and green, but PFAS

The presence of garden straws means that these advertisements may not necessarily be true .

” ) published in the latest issue.

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