The Korean women’s soccer team, ahead of the World Cup, had a pleasant victory against ‘virtual Morocco’ Zambia.

The national team led by coach Colin Bell (62, Germany) won 5-0 in the second friendly match against Zambia held at Yongin Mir Stadium on the 11th. Lee Geum-min scored three goals alone, including two from penalties, to achieve a hat-trick. Park Eun-seon, the “returned older sister,” flew by, recording 2 goals and 1 assist. Following the first leg (5-2 win) played at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 7th, Korea ended its two A-matches in April with consecutive wins.

‘Belho’ will sortie for the 2023 FIFA Australia-New Zealand Women’s Soccer World Cup, which opens in July. Canada in 2015. It is the third consecutive appearance following France in 2019. Korea will challenge the best record ever in this tournament. The previous record was the round of 16 recorded at the Canadian tournament.

The composition isn’t bad. South Korea is 17th in the FIFA rankings as of March. ‘Belho’ will face off against Colombia (26th, July 25th) – Morocco (73rd, July 30th) – Germany (2nd place, August 3rd) in Group H in this tournament. Objectively, it is second only to Germany. There are variables. Colombia and Morocco are very strange opponents. Korean women’s soccer has never competed against Colombia or Morocco.

‘Belho’ had a mock test with Zambia, a ‘virtual Morocco’, ahead of the World Cup. Korea has the pain of losing 0-2 to Nigeria, which was ranked as one lower score in the French tournament four years ago.

I opened the lid. South Korea did not operate the best power. Midfielder Chang Chang suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury. It is virtually impossible to qualify for the World Cup. Kang Chae-rim, Ji So-yeon, Choi Yuri, and Shim Seo-yeon were also out due to injuries.

Korea seemed to be a bit shaky in the early stages of the game. Frequent passing mistakes were ‘in the ok’. Zambia did not miss a chance. With the speed and elasticity unique to Africa, they launched a counterattack. It wasn’t easy enough for ‘European’ Jo So-hyun to be pushed back in a physical fight.

‘Belho’ overcame it. ‘European duo’ Cho So-hyun and Lee Geum-min showed their presence by operating the scoring cannon. Here, with the return of 1m82 ‘overwhelming physical’ Park Eun-seon, we can diversify our attacking options. The discovery of young players is also a great harvest. Choo Hyo-joo, born in 2000, has become the center of the team. He played an active role in both offense and defense. Chun Ga-ram, born in 2002, and Bae Ye-bin, born in 2004, both showed their potential.

Various tests were also passed.토토사이트 Coach Bell changed it to a three-top game in the first game and a two-top game in the second game. The defensive line basically has a three-back, but depending on the situation, it flexibly coped with a four-back. But we still have to refine the details. Also, you have to catch the shaking part of the opponent’s momentary movement.

After the game, coach Bell said, “I am very satisfied with the game. do.

Korea plans to hold a final mock test at home in July.

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