The lottery room owner, who dreamed of making a fortune in real life, personally selected a lottery ticket to sell. 

There was a whopping 80 million won in unpaid bills to the lottery company, and I went to a nearby lottery ticket store and exchanged hundreds of winning lottery tickets for money온라인바카라

This is reporter Lee Hye-joo’s exclusive report.

A man wearing a black mask.

He buys a lottery ticket by bank transfer and leaves the store. 

This is the store owner who operated a lottery store nearby until last February. 

However, he did not pay the weekly lottery ticket sales, so his seller license was suspended. 

The unpaid weekly sales amount is as much as 80 million won, and the industry explains that it is a scale that is within the fingers nationwide


Vendor owners are looking for prize money and suspect that they have drawn a large amount.  

[A lottery ticket sales owner]
“Looking at (the lottery code), we know roughly the amount we sell at the store, but this amount of sales can’t come out. It was someone else who paid and kept drawing, or this is the only one you draw. Because it doesn’t make sense.”

Under the current law, each person can buy and sell up to 100,000 won at a time to prevent lottery speculation.

However, it seems that the man used his identity as a store owner to scrape the money indefinitely and even take the winnings.

As a result of checking a nearby lottery store, the man took about 2 million won with 240 lottery tickets for 4th and 5th prizes in two places.

[Lottery ticket seller B]
“They exchange 5,000 won bills for 200,000 won worth of cash, but it’s strange. You can’t buy more than 100,000 won (lottery tickets) at the same house. I checked the code of each store, and they bought it at the same house, and the time was the same.”

The companion lottery ticket manager, who manages the lottery, filed a complaint against the man in March, but it is still unclear how much he won.

The police sent the man to the prosecution in June for fraud and other charges. 

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