The Qatar World Cup is now in the semi-finals. In the remaining games, a new official ball specially made for environmental protection is used. Stadiums made of containers are also said to be recycled.

Reporter Seok Min-hyeok will tell you.

We carefully touch the unveiled golden soccer ball, soccer legend Kaka and Casillas.

‘Al-Hilm’, which means ‘dream’ in Arabic, will be used for the remaining semi-finals, 3rd and 4th place matches and finals.

Triangle pattern like Qatar flag on golden background like world cup trophy.

To protect the environment, the ball is made with only water-based ink and glue. The previously used official ball ‘Al Rila’ is also made from waste and is called an ‘eco-friendly official ball’. 스포츠토토

Not only balls are recycled. ‘Stadium 974’, where the Korea-Brazil match was held, was made of recycled materials and 974 shipping containers.

We spent 400 billion won of our money and built them like Lego blocks, but as soon as the 7 World Cup games were played, demolition work began.

Martin Tan / Singapore ” It’s unfortunate that it’s being dismantled because it’s a beautiful stadium, but the
intention seems good that it’s for donations.” Abdul Shukaka / India “

Qatar has advocated for a carbon-neutral World Cup, but there are also claims that it will emit three times more carbon dioxide than the target.

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