2nd trial dismissed also lost

The 15th Civil Division of the Seoul High Court (Presiding Judge Yoon Gang-yeol)먹튀검증 announced on the 30th that it had ruled against the plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against the university by Yonsei University professor A, saying, “The disposition of honesty is invalid,” as in the first trial on the 14th.

In the second semester of 2017, Professor A recommended her daughter, who is currently enrolled in a different department at the same university, to take the course she is teaching. Professor A wrote the test questions and filled out the answer sheet at the home she lived with her daughter, and gave her daughter an A+. It was only two subjects, including her father’s lectures, that her daughter received her A+ this semester.

The Ministry of Education uncovered this during a comprehensive Yonsei University audit in July 2019. It was investigated that Professor A did not even keep grade calculation data such as test answer sheets of students who took the subject during the three semesters from the second semester of 2017 to the second semester of 2018, when she gave her daughter an A+. In 2020, Yonsei University decided on a 1-month suspension for Professor A.

The following year, Professor A filed a lawsuit, saying, “There was no internal regulation that children should avoid taking classes, and the answer sheets were contaminated when the printer toner container in the laboratory was overturned.”

The first trial dismissed Professor A’s claim in October last year. The judge said, “At the time, there were no explicit internal regulations for the professor’s children to attend lectures, but ‘faculty members must avoid the job if the job they perform is related to the interests of themselves, their spouse, lineal ascendants, descendents, and relatives within 4th degree. There is a rule that says, “Your child’s lectures in itself hinder the fairness of duties such as grade evaluation.”

Professor A appealed, but the judgment of the second trial was the same. The second trial judge pointed out that as Professor A discarded the answer sheet, she could not even verify whether she gave the appropriate marks to her daughter and other students.

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