In Peru, a South American country, protests are intensifying after the impeachment of the president.

Amidst the chaos, even pampered tourists who visited the world-famous historic site, Machu Picchu, were stranded.

This is reporter Han Mi-hee.


Cusco is the gateway city to Machu Picchu, a historic site built in the alpine region during the Inca Empire in the 15th century.

The streets filled with protesters, not tourists, are chanted and honked.

<Ugo Ramirez / Tourist in Chile> “I’ve been stranded for the fourth day. It’s complicated being here because of the uncertainty. I don’t know if the train will run, if the airport will open, if I can go back to Chile.”

Authorities say about 5,000 tourists are waiting for flights to resume in Cusco.

It is known that some tourists are unable to come down from Machu Picchu as the Cusco airport as well as the train service connecting Cusco and Machu Picchu have been suspended.

This has happened because of the intensifying protests following the impeachment of former President Pedro Castillo.

Former President Castillo, who took office in the midst of extreme political turmoil that has continued in recent years, passed the impeachment crisis twice within a year of taking office for various corruption charges.

He confronted his third impeachment promotion by dissolving the parliament, then turned his back on the vice president and the cabinet, and the impeachment bill was finally passed on the 7th. 메이저놀이터

Castillo, who was arrested by the prosecution, was ordered to be detained for a week by the court, but the detention period was later extended to 18 months, citing the risk of flight, such as requesting asylum.

<Merina Chavez / Supporter of Castillo> “It’s completely unfair. I hope the Peruvians will stand up and defend the people’s vote. We, the Peruvians, voted for him.”

A state of emergency has been declared, but as protests continue, more than 10 people have been reported dead and hundreds injured so far.

The political unrest is expected to continue for a while as the constitutional amendment, which contains a plan to hold an early presidential election by accepting some of the protesters’ demands, was also rejected by the National Assembly.