It was investigated that the economic profit of the 150th anniversary open held in Scotland last July exceeded 494.3 billion won (300 million pounds).

The British Royal Golf Association (R&A) announced on the 20th that the revenue from last year’s tournament was the highest ever in a research study commissioned by Scotland Tourism. According to a study conducted by Sheffield Hallam University’s Center for Sport and Industry Research (SIRC), the historic championships provided Scotland with a total of £106 million in economic revenue. In addition, as a result of broadcasting around the world through TV relay and digital platforms, £201 million (331 billion won) of revenue was counted in Scotland.

Last year, it was investigated that the symbolism of the 150th anniversary was accompanied by the participation of Tiger Woods, the ‘Emperor of Golf’, and it had a tremendous marketing effect. Martin Slumber, CEO of R&A, said: “The 150th Open brought a record number of galleries in St Andrews and the tens of millions of fans around the world who watched the broadcast of the Championships gave Scotland significant economic benefits.”

Minister for Culture Christina McKelvey said: “Scotland is the home of golf and this report confirms the significant benefits the Open 150 has brought to our economy. has been supporting,” he said.

Last year, the tournament attracted 290,000 fans, surpassing the previous record of 239,000 galleries during the tournament week, which Tiger Woods had won in 2000. Tens of thousands of visitors flocked to the Open during the Open, generating £61m in revenue from the Fife area alone.

The Open accounted for 62.3% of all overseas visitors,먹튀검증 followed by the UK (31%), the US (19.2%), Canada (2.6%) and Ireland (2.3%). 48% of galleries said it was their first Open visit, and 76% of international visitors said it was their first trip to the Championships.

More than half (52%) of the visitors to The Open last year attended at least one of the next three editions of The Open, at this year’s venue Royal Liverpool (2023), next year’s Royal Troon (2024) and Royal Portrush (2025). stated that they would like to attend. It proves that golf events with history and tradition bring about economic effects that go beyond common imagination.

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