Broadcaster and director of Gwangju Foreign School, Ha-il (Robert Harley 토토사이트, 65 ) , who disappeared from broadcasting due to drug use in 2019, said about drugs, “(With the pleasures of everyday life) there is no comparison. So that’s the problem,” he said. “You shouldn’t touch it first.” In an interview on CBS

Radio’s ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’ on the 17th, Mr. Ha said, “I can’t forget (the pleasure of drugs). There is no drug that makes you forget,” he said. “When you take drugs, the memory continues. That’s why addicts have a hard time.” “I like cakes and bread. If you go to the most delicious bakery in Seoul, you have to go (to that bakery) again,” he said. “It is the same with drugs. It is because of those unforgettable memories that addicts are born.” Mr. Ha said, “In my case, there was a support system around me, so I didn’t touch it. My family was a big help. My son is always by my side,” he said. He continued, “My eldest son called my wife (after the drug work). ‘Mom, what are you going to do? Are you going to get a divorce?’ My wife said, ‘Am I that kind of girl, do you think I’ll leave your daddy? You know how scary I am?’. So her wife stayed, and her son ran from America.” At the same time, Mr. Ha said, “I think very badly” about the legalization of marijuana, which is being raised by some.

“If you look at the states that have legalized it, the rate of death from drugs has increased,” he said. That is why we must oppose it.”

Ms. Ha said, “The country sends people for education, and instructors talk about the bad things about drugs, but when they go back to the (prison) room, they talk about it again.” “You have to treat it from the beginning. In my case, I was treated from the beginning. That’s why I was able to overcome it,” he said.

Previously, on the 14th, he said in a discussion on ‘Drugs more common than alcohol for young people abroad’ held by Representative Tae Young-ho of People’s Power, “I don’t want to try drugs again. There are too few facilities or hospitals that can educate drug addicts in Korea. We need active support from the government,” he stressed.

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