School violence broke out between players in the same grade at a high school baseball club in Seoul.

One of the perpetrators is the son of an incumbent professional baseball manager, which is even more shocking.

A high school baseball player, A, was known to have suffered constant school violence from three teammates in the same grade.스포츠토토

This fact was recently reported to the school by a homeroom teacher in Group A.

When the offender, who was in the same class, asked to share the same room as A during a school trip, the parents of Group A informed the homeroom teacher of the damage.

As a result of the school’s own investigation, it was confirmed that the perpetrators had inflicted violence several times, such as throwing a baseball at Group A and hanging their legs from behind during training.

[Soundbite] Teacher in charge of school violence at the school/Voice Modified : “It was written in the student confirmation that there was hiding things, verbal violence, or physical violence during training or other places. We have been identified more than 10 times.” ]

The school side applied Group A for protection and separated from the players.

What is shocking is that one of the perpetrators is the son of an incumbent professional baseball manager.

While the perpetrators admitted only part of the violent act in the school statement, Group A’s mother claimed that the extent of the damage was serious.

[Victim’s mother: “(Assailants strangle their sons) or beat them with belts. When they see a photo of their younger brother on KakaoTalk, they demean their younger brother’s appearance, and their younger brother and mother…”] One of the

perpetrators The father, the current professional baseball manager, sent an apology text to the victim when the school’s investigation began.

However, in an interview with KBS, he denied the victim’s claim, saying that there were many stories that were different from the facts.

He said that it is not true that there were continuous and collective assaults, and that it should not be confirmed as a fait accompli since the school violence was not opened.

Based on the results of its own investigation, the school plans to discuss the case with a dedicated organization and hand it over to the School Violence Deliberation Committee of the Office of Education.

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