On the 10th, the Scientific Investigation Division of the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency said, “It is not possible to determine whether Choi Won-jong has a psychopathic tendency because he is not suitable for the psychopath evaluation target.”

According to the police, the psychopath diagnosis test is a 먹튀검증20-question test that indexes the characteristics of psychopaths, and if you exceed 25 points out of 40 points (perfect score), you are classified as a psychopath.

However, it was found that Choi Won-jong did not meet the criteria for diagnosing a psychopath because it was impossible to score detailed questions related to interpersonal relationships and emotional problems among the four evaluation factors, including interpersonal relationships, emotional problems, lifestyle, and antisociality. Choi Won-jong was diagnosed with schizophrenic personality disorder in the past, and now psychotic symptoms such as delusion of persecution have been confirmed.

A police official said, “In order to evaluate a psychopath, general information and psychosis-related information must be confirmed based on interviews with the subject and objective data.” We need to decide whether or not, but it was impossible to diagnose.”

In the announcement of the results of the investigation the day before, the police believed that Choi Won-jong, who was diagnosed with ‘schizophrenic personality disorder (schizoid personality disorder)’ in 2020, committed the crime after not receiving treatment after falling into a delusion. Choi Won-jong stated to the police, “I killed a person belonging to a stalking group that was trying to harm me, and through this, I committed the crime to inform the world about the stalking group.”

Previously, Choi Won-jong was located at 5:56 pm on the 3rd at Seohyeon-dong AK , connected to Seohyeon Station on the Suin Bundang Line in Bundang, Gyeonggi-do.After charging a passer-by in front of the Plaza Department Store with a vehicle, he took a weapon from the vehicle and swung it at the fallen citizen, injuring 13 people, one of them seriously injured his head and is currently in a state of brain death.

On this day, the police sent Choi Won-jong to the prosecution on charges of ‘murder and attempted murder’ and ‘preliminary murder’.

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