Seongnam Sujeongcho, a traditional women’s basketball club, defeated Dongshincho, Onyang, Chungcheongnam-do 32-24 at the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival, winning its second consecutive championship.

In the second game of this tournament, Sujeong-cho showed off the strongest power by winning the championship regardless of the injury of the captain and the successive injuries of the main players. In particular, forward and center Heo Jeong-won, who led the championship by serving as the pillar of the team based on his overwhelming physical strength, dominated the bottom of the goal throughout the offense and defense, and Lee Ha-jung played a role as a pair of team champions by winning rebounds with powerful outer guns and great height. did

With this victory, Sujeong-cho reached the top 30 times in various national competitions, establishing itself as the strongest in women’s elementary school basketball. Coach Lee Mi-jung, who has been leading the team for 18 years, overcame crises with various tactics and kept the top spot despite bad news from the main players’ line injuries.

Coach Lee Mi-jung said, “I was worried because there were so many injured players, but the backup players filled the vacancy well.” .스포츠토토

Heo Jeong-won, who was selected as the MVP of the tournament, said, “I hurt my leg in the first quarter and it was difficult, but as a 6th grader, I felt a lot of role to play and felt a sense of responsibility, so I played through the game.” It was possible. I want to grow into a great player by strengthening my skills in the future, and I am aiming for the all-time crown this season.”

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