Saudi Arabia continues to reach out to famous coaches following famous players.

This time, he sent a love call to England’s legend Steven Gerrard, the ‘soccer head’. According to Reuters on the 12th, Gerard received a love call from Saudi first division Al Etipark and is contemplating whether to accept it.

A soccer official who reported to Reuters said,메이저사이트 “Al Etipark offered Gerrard the manager’s position.” Gerrard, who played 17 years at Liverpool during his active career and then played for two more years at LA Galaxy, is one of the midfielders representing England in the 21st century, along with Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard.

After retiring at the age of 38, he took charge of the prestigious Scottish Rangers and won the 2020/21 season undefeated. It was hardened in October of last year, less than a year ago.

In particular, it was a clear comparison with Aston Villa, who recruited coach Unami Emery, and advanced to the Europa Conference League of the European Football Federation (UEFA).

Gerard has been struggling to recover since then, but recently, he is expanding his field of candidates by looking into Turkiye and Greek clubs. The shock of defeat at Aston Villa is so great that it is difficult to return to the Premier League for the time being.

In this situation, Saudi Arabia’s mid-level club made an offer to recruit him.

R.E.T. Park ranked 7th in Saudi Arabia’s first division in the 2022/23 season, and is trying to recruit Gerard as well as some famous players to scout large amounts of money to enter the top ranks.

Saudi football, which made headlines earlier this year with Cristiano Ronaldo’s signing of Al Nasr, has recently become a topic of discussion once more with Karim Benzema’s choice to join Al Ittihad.

He turned his attention to the coach and sent a love call to Jose Mourinho, and this time he made an offer to Gerrard, who is the symbol of English football.

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