Frank Lampard finishes his interim manager job and gives his thoughts on leaving Chelsea, as well as intensive advice for the successor to lead the team. 

Chelsea finished the 2022/23 season Premier League round 38 match against Newcastle in a 1-1 draw held at Stamford Bridge in London, England on the 29th (Korean time). With a draw in the final match of the league, Chelsea ended the season in a low ranking of 12th.

This season, Chelsea’s owner Todd Boley took over the club and made a huge investment, and even brought in manager Graham Porter, who is a promising player in the Premier League, during the season and received a lot of expectations. 

However, Porter’s sluggishness, an excessively large squad, and difficulties with the ups and downs of the game were difficult. At the end of the season, he made an unconventional choice to sack manager Porter and appoint Lampard as interim manager, but it did not lead to a rebound in performance. 

Lampard also returned to Chelsea after being hardened in the middle at the time of the 2020/21 season, aiming for a rebound in his coaching career, but after taking office, he showed a disastrous performance with 1 win, 2 draws and 6 losses in 9 league games, and showed a lower-than-expected appearance. 

In the end, Lampard left the team after the final game of the season, but he showed off his affection for his team by not forgetting advice for a new manager who would take over his team with his feelings. 

British media Daily Mail reported on the 29th that “Lampard warned Mauricio Pochettino that he should make removing players a top priority.” 

According to reports, Lampard said in an interview after the final match of the league, “The whole thing fell. A club like Chelsea has to reach the maximum standard, otherwise you can’t play at the highest level and you don’t have physical competitiveness.” mentioned 

“Players want a place, they have to push each other and be competitive. Any top team should have that. When I came back I could see that there weren’t enough of those things. Of course a good manager will help with that, but everyone should be held accountable for such actions.” 

Lampard also mentioned Pochettino, who was reported to have already signed a deal as Chelsea’s next manager. “I am a big fan of Pochettino and I think he is a good manager. I think he creates a clear identity for a team that can win.” 

He emphasized that it would be important to reduce the squad as an advice to lead the team in the future. 

“There is a lot of work to be done,” Lampard said. It’s difficult to compete in a league with some players who have the .” 

Meanwhile, with Lampard’s advice, Chelsea will have to spend a busy summer trying to recruit and release players that fit Pochettino’s plans.메이저사이트

There have already been reports that several players are on the Chelsea transfer list, and news that some players, such as Connor Gallagher and Mason Mount, are likely to be sold. 

Attention is focusing on whether Chelsea, which surprised the Premier League with a huge investment, will be able to bring in players who fit the criteria Lampard mentioned and show a different performance next season with Pochettino.

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