The tournament ended with the victory of Seongnam City, which won two categories, and Gwacheon City, which participated in three categories.스포츠토토

The ’27th Gyeonggi Governor’s Life Sports Basketball Tournament’ held in Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 10th ended with all schedules on the 11th. In the two-day festival of basketball clubs in Gyeonggi-do, Seongnam City in the 1st Division and Gwacheon City in the 2nd Division held the championship cup.

The Gyeonggi-do Governor’s Living Sports Basketball Tournament, which is held as a city-county competition, is a living sports basketball tournament representing Gyeonggi-do. A total of 75 teams (youth/middle school divisions 1 and 2/high school divisions 1 and 2/university division) participated in this competition held in Gimpo.

The 27th Gyeonggi Provincial Governor’s Life Sports Basketball Tournament was held in the form of a group preliminary and final tournament, with youth and university teams 5-5, and middle school and high school teams 3×3. Each city and county team participating in this event receives participation points (10 points) when participating in all categories, and is awarded 30 points (championship), 10 points (runner-up), and 5 points (3rd place) according to their performance. The final ranking is determined based on this.

Seongnam City and Namyangju City met in the final of the youth division (16 teams) held at the Gimpo Living Gymnasium. The two teams beat Yongin City and Gimpo City side by side in the semifinals. The final result of the youth division was 33-29, and Seongnam City won. Seongnam City, the winner, received 30 points, runner-up Namyangju City received 10 points, and Yongin City and Gimpo City each received 5 points. 

Seongnam City beat Ansan City 10-5 in the 3×3 final of the middle school division 1 (13 teams) held at Court A at Geolpo Gymnasium. Seongnam City succeeded in winning the 1st division in the middle school division following the youth division and earned 30 points. Ansan City, runner-up, received 10 points, followed by Suwon City and Goyang City, which took 3rd place, each with 5 points.

Hanam City and Osan City met in the 3×3 final of the middle school division 2 (10 teams) held at the same place. Hanam City won the game 17-5. The winner Hanam City received 30 points, the runner-up Osan City 10 points, and the semi-finalist Gwacheon City and Gunpo City each received 5 points.

At the Geolpo Gymnasium B Court, the high school division 1 and 2 3×3 finals were held after the middle school finals. In the first division of the high school, in which 12 teams participated, Goyang City defeated Uijeongbu City 21-13 in the final and earned 30 points. Uijeongbu City got 10 points, Anyang City and Gimpo City got 5 points each.

Gwacheon City won 22-12 against Guri City in the final of the second high school division with 11 teams. Gwacheon City took 30 points, Guri City got 10 points, and Yangju City and Hanam City each got 5 points.

Finally, in the college division with 13 teams, Anyang City beat the home team, Gimpo City, 46-29 in the final. Winner Anyang City received 30 points, runner-up Gimpo City 10 points, and Siheung City and Suwon City 5 points each.

After all the games in each category were over, Seongnam City, who won the first division in the youth and middle school divisions at the comprehensive awards, won the championship with a total score of 70 points, taking all participation points (10 points). University division championship, high school division 1st division, 3rd place, participating in all categories (10 points), Anyang city took the runner-up with 45 points, Goyang city high school division 1st division championship, youth division 3rd place, participation in all categories (10 points), the same 45 points as Anyang city , but was pushed behind by goal difference and ranked third.

In the second part, Gwacheon City and Hanam City posted 35 points side by side, but Gwacheon City, which participated in three categories, won the championship, Hanam City, which participated in two categories, was runner-up, and Guri City, which accumulated 10 points, ranked third.

The Gyeonggi Governor’s Life Sports Basketball Tournament, which was successfully completed in Gimpo, will return to the 28th competition next year in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do.

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