Son Heung-min (30) returned to his team, Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham reported the news of Son Heung-min’s team recovery through the official channel on the 14th (hereinafter Korean time). The club uploaded a photo of Son Heung-min in training to the social network service (SNS) as well as a video of him running on the training ground with his colleague Pierre-Emile Hoivier.

I felt intense joy. Tottenham welcomed him back from the World Cup in good health by posting a picture of Son Heung-min with the phrase “Sonny is back”.

Fans also joined in. They showed reactions such as ‘Welcome back’, ‘The world’s best winger is back’, and ‘I missed you’ through comments under the club’s post.

What is particularly striking is that the mask that accompanied him throughout the World Cup is not visible. In the photos and videos posted by Tottenham, Son Heung-min walked around the training ground without a mask.

He suffered a facial fracture just about two weeks before the World Cup kicked off. He was hit in the face by his opponent’s shoulder and was put on the operating table. 메이저사이트

Son Heung-min, who recovered quickly after much effort, dramatically joined Qatar, revealing a strong will to participate in the World Cup. But he had to play with the mask on. Son Heung-min stepped on Qatar with a mask made by Tottenham, and wore a mask throughout the tournament to train and compete.

Through his performance, Korea achieved the feat of advancing to the round of 16 for the first time in 12 years. They failed to win in the first two games of the tournament and were in danger of being eliminated early.

Although they advanced dramatically to the tournament, Brazil, the world’s No. 1, had a high wall. Brazil, which drove Korea by scoring 4 goals in the first half, eventually beat Korea and advanced to the quarterfinals.

The Korean men’s soccer team entered Korea on the 7th. He returned with cheers from many fans, took a short break in Korea, and boarded a plane to England again. On the 13th, they headed back to England with many fans seeing them off.

The schedule of the affiliated team starts quickly. Tottenham will resume the league schedule starting with a match against Brentford on the 26th.

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