KBS coverage confirmed

that a fire chief in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do was conducting maintenance work on a rest area at the fire station and illegally taking out existing smoking rooms and materials around his house. Changwon City is investigating whether there is a violation of the Public Official Conflict of Interest Prevention Act. Reporter Lee Hyeong-kwan reports. [Report] A fire station in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do has been carrying out maintenance work on the external rest area since February. Instead of the existing smoking room, we are creating a shelter from the scorching heat. [○○ Fire Department Official/Voice Modified: “We installed a pavilion so (firefighting) employees can chat and share coffee…”] However, as construction progressed, something absurd happened. The smoking room that was dismantled from the construction site and about 20 “construction blocks,” which were leftover materials, disappeared. As a result of KBS’s reporting, it was confirmed that Mr. A, the chief of the fire station, took it outside without permission. It was the land surrounding his country home, which was 26km away from his fire station, and was being built for the purpose of returning to farming after retirement. [Village resident/Voice modified: “(Do you know whose house it is?) I think I heard that it is (going to) a government office somewhere.”] The smoking room and construction materials were all purchased with Changwon City’s budget.

In particular, the smoking room installed in 2016 is 3m wide, 2m long, and 2.5m high, and the new item costs about 4 to 5 million won according to the Public Procurement Service .

However, Mr. A did not take any relevant procedures, such as disqualification토토사이트.

Transportation was also carried out by the company in charge of the construction, and no costs were paid.

Mr. A, the fire department chief, explained, “The smoking room, etc., was only stored for a while to be reused in other 119 safety centers,” and “there was no intention for private use.”

Transportation also drew a line, saying, “The representative of a company we are familiar with only helped in good faith,” and “there was no compensation.”

Changwon City is investigating Mr. A for violations of the Conflict of Interest Prevention Act, and when the Changwon City audit began, Mr. A moved the smoking room he had taken back to the fire station at the end of last month.

This is Lee Hyeong-kwan from KBS News.

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