Actress Heera Kim actively denied allegations that she committed school violence during her middle school days, including making her friend run for cigarettes.

On the 6th, Gram Entertainment, Kim Hee-ra’s agency, said, “It is true먹튀검증 that actress Kim Hee-ra joined a cafe called ‘Big Sangji’ created by her friends when she was a student at Sangji Girls’ Middle School and hung out with its members. Other than that, all allegations raised are true.” “No,” he said.

He went on to say, “Kim Heerra has never participated in Iljin activities, has never admitted to being part of Iljin, and has never participated in school violence. We will take strong legal action against malicious acts that defame the actor.” Heera Kim also claimed through

her SNS , “I did not harass the weak maliciously, continuously, or deliberately, as described in her article.”

Earlier, entertainment media outlet Dispatch reported on this day that there was testimony that Kim Hee-ra was a member of the Iljin group, which was notorious for extortion and assault when she was a middle school student, and that she stole money from her juniors.

She also reported that she was involved in a school theft incident in 2004 when she was a third-grader in middle school. In addition, there was also a report that Kim Heera ordered another student to run an errand for cigarettes.

Kim Heera, who debuted in a musical in 2009, gained great popularity by playing the role of Lee Sa-ra, a perpetrator of school violence, in the Netflix original series ‘The Glory’ last year. Kim Hee-ra is starring in the tvN drama ‘Uncanny Rumors 2:’ which ended on the 3rd. She also appeared in ‘Counter Punch’ and is currently performing in the musical ‘Frida’. Coupang Play on the 9thThe show was scheduled to appear on ‘SNL Korea Season 4’, but its cancellation was confirmed due to the school violence controversy.

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