The ambulance was carrying a heart to be transplanted온라인바카라 to a patient, but it coincided with work time. It is said that the distance that would have taken 20 minutes was reached in 5 minutes thanks to the police who rushed to the scene and cleared the blocked road. Mobile D: Issue begins.


My heart is in a hurry…

A clogged road

[Sang-won Byeon/Traffic Safety Officer, Namdong Police Station, Incheon: It was a road with a lot of traffic because I was on my way home from work.] The golden time for a heart transplant

with a ‘red light’ kept appearing was 4 hours . A savior appeared at that time! On the 7th, a car was transporting a heart for transplant near the Jangsu IC in Incheon [Professor Seok-in Lee/Gachon University Gil Hospital Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery: What about the heart? Unlike other organs, damage occurs when oxygen supply is cut off. [You have to do it as quickly as possible.] In an urgent situation, turn on the lights, sound the horn, and start giving directions! Skillfully changing lanes, the following ambulance also speeds up, as does the car trying to exit the alley, and the car ahead gives way to the ambulance following the warning light stick. [Sang-won Byun/Incheon Namdong Police Station, Traffic Safety Section: Thanks to the cooperation of the driver of the vehicle on the road at the time.] Signal Adjustment took no time, 20 minutes away, arrived at the hospital in 5 minutes, and the medical staff was relieved only then.

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