A husband and son saved a woman in her 60s suffering from autoimmune스포츠토토 liver disease by removing part of her liver.

On the 17th, Newsis reported that Seo Gyu-byung (69) and his son Seo Hyun-seok (40), who live in Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, received surgery to transplant part of their livers from Ko Myung-ja (68) at Asan Hospital in Seoul on the 25th of last month. revealed

After suffering from an illness 10 years ago, Goh found it difficult to receive treatment any longer due to side effects from prolonged medication.

Her husband, Seo, persuaded the medical staff for a long time to remove his liver. Because of his advanced age, he could be put in a dangerous situation during the operation. His son, Hyeon-seok, was unable to perform liver resection at the level of ordinary donors.

In the end, the father and son each decided to take a portion of their liver and give it to Mr. Goh. Her husband, Mr. Seo, even left his job after retirement. While serving as a police officer, Mr. Seo worked for the Gangwon National Police Agency, Chuncheon Police Station, and Hwacheon Police Station, as well as investigative work.

The operation, which took a long time, was successfully completed. However, Mr. Ko’s recovery was delayed and he was unable to come out of the intensive care unit for three weeks. Seo and his son had no choice but to watch Goh through the window. Fortunately, Mr. Ko gradually recovered and was transferred to a general ward.

Mr. Ko fixes his surgical scars every morning. Unable to speak due to a tracheotomy, he wrote on the whiteboard, “My son and father gave me a precious liver, so I touch it once a day.” Let’s live” written in crooked letters.

The rich man who transplanted Goh’s liver is the son and grandson of his grandfather Seo Seong-seop, who defended his country during the independence movement and the Korean War. When he was young, Seong-seop Seo secretly planted rose of Sharon in the pond at Sokcho Elementary School in Dong-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, but was discovered by Japanese police officers and had to flee his hometown. During the Korean War, he was a platoon leader and was killed while defending his country in the battle of Sammachi, his hometown, Hongcheon. He is currently buried in the National Cemetery.

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