“We have to take risks.”

Shin Young-cheol, director of Woori Card, had a calm voice. He strongly said that it was right to take the ‘risk’ for the next season’s change.스포츠토토

Woori Card announced on the 25th that it had agreed to a one-on-one trade, giving setter Hwang Seung-bin to KB Insurance and receiving outside heater Han Seong-jeong.

Hwang Seung-bin joined Korean Air in the 5th place in the 1st round of the 2014-2015 season. He moved the enemy to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the 2021-2022 season, and wore a Woori Card uniform after a season.

In other words, he sent out the main setter. Hwang Seung-bin played 140 sets in 36 games wearing a Woori Card uniform last season, and came second in the set (10.286 per set). In addition to Hwang Seung-bin, Kim Gwang-il and Han Tae-jun served as backup setters in the team, but Hwang Seung-bin spent most of the time on the court.

The setter is the field commander on the court. Depending on how the ball is connected, not only the team color but also the success rate of the strikers is influenced, and Woori Card has taken another change.

It is impossible for one setter to melt into a team in a short period of time. Especially if you are an inexperienced setter. Kim Gwang-il joined Woori Card in the 2020-2021 season, but he has little experience in playing in 7 sets of 4 games in 3 seasons. Han Tae-joon was a rookie last season. Even though it was his first season, he played 18 matches and 45 sets, but it is risky to leave one season in full.

There is a reason why Shin took the risk. Woori Card sent Na Gyeong-bok, the main outside hitter, to KB Insurance in the free agent (FA) market last year. Na Kyung-bok is Woori Card’s franchise star and the nucleus of attack. As he moved the team, Woori Card inevitably weakened. Coach Shin said, “The team’s overall power has weakened. There is a risk of sending the main setter, but you have to accept it. We needed a player to fill the offense,” he explained.

The main setter is still missing. Director Shin’s theory is to start from scratch. He said, “A player who is prepared can be highly evaluated. From now on, we will watch through training.” In addition to Kim Gwang-il and Han Tae-joon, there is also Lee Seung-won, who is serving in the military. Lee Seung-won joins Tip in August. It is a situation where there is no choice but to enter into a competitive system.

The wind of change does not end here. Director Shin is preparing another card. He said, “It’s not always good for the team to make a lot of changes, but it’s a position where we have to prepare well for the off-season and reinforce our strength.” Director Shin’s head is busy.

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