SSG Landers succeeded in winning 2 consecutive games. The strong bullpen kept the victory.

SSG won 3-2 in the 4th game of the season against the Samsung Lions of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Incheon SSG Landers Field on the 30th. The batting line showed cohesiveness in the first inning, and Kirk McCarty, who started the game, pitched well. There was a risk of conceding, but there was a corner to believe.

In the other line, 3 points were scored in the first inning. Afterwards, he couldn’t score an extra point against Samsung starter Albert Suarez, who found stability, but McCarty blocked it well, and SSG Pil Seung-jo, led by Noh Kyung-eun and Seo Jin-yong, kept the victory.먹튀검증

McCarty, who became the winning pitcher with 2 runs in 5⅔ innings against Lotte on the 21st, won 5 wins (2 losses) of the season with 2 hits (1 home run), 6 strikeouts, 2 walks and 1 run in 6 1/3 innings.

He pitched a scoreless pitch until the 4th inning, then dedicated a solo home run to Lee Jae-hyun in the 5th inning. But he didn’t waver. He pitched a one-run run through the sixth inning. In the 7th inning, he gave up a walk to first batter Kang Min-ho and a heavy hit to Kim Dong-jin, and was driven to the 1st and 2nd bases safely.

Then the coaching staff went up and cut off the flow, and McCarty struck out Jae-il Oh and passed the mound to Kyung-eun Noh.

Noh Kyung-eun finished the inning without conceding a run by processing Lee Jae-hyun with a fly ball to right field and Kim Tae-goon with a ground ball to the shortstop.

Before the match, coach Kim Won-hyeong said, “Noh Kyung-eun and Koh Hyo-jun are training more diligently than anyone else. After a match, he always warmed up with weight training before returning home. This kind of appearance is setting a great example for young players, and it has a great impact on the team atmosphere.”

He reassured Pil Seung-jo, who led to Noh Kyung-eun, Go Hyo-jun, and Seo Jin-yong. They are living up to director Kim’s expectations. In the 7th episode, the atmosphere that could have been given was also blocked. This is also the driving force behind SSG’s competitiveness in the upper ranks with the LG Twins and Lotte Giants.

In the 8th inning, Noh Kyung-eun gave a heavy hit to first batter Kang Han-wool, struck out Koo Ja-wook, and lost a right-handed hit to Kim Hyun-jun. Then, he induced Pirella, a good foreign batter, to a grounder in front of the second baseman to create a double play and keep the lead without conceding. After the game, Noh Kyung-eun said, “I was burdened at first because I often went to crisis situations this season, but now the burden seems to have dulled to some extent.” 

In the ninth inning with a two-run lead, closer pitcher Seo Jin-yong took the mound and was driven to the bases with one run out, losing a timely hit to Kim Tae-goon and being chased by a one-run lead. It was an uneasy lead, but Koo Ja-wook struck out on a swing and kept the team victory. After the selection of foreigners born in 1995, the older brothers protected the victory, including Noh Kyung-eun, born in 1984, and Seo Jin-yong, born in 1992.

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