“The defense is stable, leading to an increase in the team atmosphere. certainly.”

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “I like the stability of the defense more than the explosion of the batting line. As he was considered a great first baseman during his active career, he knows better than anyone else how one movement of fielders can change the team atmosphere. First baseman doesn’t handle the batted ball directly, so there are many opportunities to watch the movement in and outfield. The thrill of a hobi as a gift is good, but the flowing defense leads to a sense of confidence.

Recently, Doosan is like that. On the 12th, the hobi relay was held against KIA in Jamsil, and when the stage was moved to Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 16th, the stable and solid defense dominated the opponent’s flow. ‘Captain’ Heo Gyeong-min said, “There are times when the offense works and sometimes it does not, but the defense must be steady. This is the color of Doosan, and we are a team that has advanced to the Korean Series for 8 consecutive seasons with this color. The juniors are also demonstrating their skills while gaining experience in the game.”

Solid defense first leads to mound confidence. It means that pitchers believe in the fielder and create a background for throwing. There is no problem in increasing the out count even if you do not strain yourself to strike out. With the foothold to pitch aggressively, the intervals are bound to be shortened. Rhythmic pitching also helps fielders maintain their rhythm. As this rhythm naturally leads to offense, the team balance improves. It is a virtuous circle that the team can achieve.

Manager Lee, who whistled for 5 consecutive victories based on stable defense, said, “I think all the players were chased psychologically at the beginning of the season. Adding to the mistakes of the bench, it seems that the players were more nervous than necessary.” He said, “A non-flashy defense is really important, and these days our fielders do this kind of defense. Of course, the lake fee is good, but the thing that greatly affects the team atmosphere is the natural defense like flowing water,” he emphasized. It means that it is much more helpful for the team to naturally catch the ball that can be caught and to increase the outcount naturally when it is necessary.

In fact, during his active career, coach Lee held a ceremony by pointing a mitt at a beast who had been playing hockey. For example, when a shortstop catches a batter with a bullet-like throw after a great diving catch, there is a unique action of pointing at the shortstop with a mitt and passing the ball along with the referee’s out call. Director Lee said, “I did it because I felt good. He chuckled, saying, “Isn’t it good to catch an out with Hosobi?” As he held the baton, he explained that a defense that stabilizes the entire team is much better than a splendid lake defense that presents momentary catharsis.카지노사이트

Doosan, who whistled for five consecutive wins, pushed NC and rose to fourth place alone. Director Lee said, “It is still a long way. There are still many ways to go,” he said, revealing his will to continue the flow. Solid defense is the corner that Lee believes in.

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