The English Premier League (EPL) rejected Netflix’s offer.

Britain’s ‘Daily Star’ reported that “Netflix producers offered the EPL to produce a behind-the-scenes documentary series featuring all 20 clubs in the EPL. However, the EPL rejected this offer.”

Netflix behind-the-scenes documentaries are receiving worldwide attention. Representatively, ‘Michael Jordan: The Last Dance’, which aired on Netflix in 2020, attracted sensational popularity. The behind-the-scenes story of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and Jordan, which had not been revealed, created a fresh sensation.

The production company that proposed the documentary production this time to the EPL is different from the producer who made the ‘The Last Dance’ series, but it has one thing in common: it is aired through Netflix. It is an opportunity to use Netflix’s influence to increase its global influence and to create a global issue. However, the EPL flatly rejected this opportunity.

For what reason?

The media said, “EPL clubs refused excessive camera access to the club. Netflix decided that the frequency of contact between players, managers, and staff requested by Netflix was too high. Also, players and managers complained that too much time would be taken up. There was also,” he explained.

And the media added,토토사이트 “Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal, etc. have already made documentaries through other channels, and Newcastle is also filming a club documentary with other channels this season.”

Lastly, ‘Daily Star’ said, “Some EPL clubs voted in favor, saying that they could increase their international interest and influence through Netflix, but most clubs objected. Netflix documentaries will not be made in the near future.”

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