Lim Chan-gyu (LG Twins) has grown significantly. It’s not just about sexuality. He thinks of the team before his position or record, and takes care of colleagues who are in a slump and juniors who do not have much experience.

Lim Chan-kyu, who graduated from Whimoon High School, is a right-handed pitcher who was nominated second overall by LG in the 2011 rookie draft. Until last year, he played 931 innings in 268 professional games (155 starts) in his professional career, going all-weather, 51-69, 8 saves, 4 holds, and an average ERA of 4.80.

Lim Chan-gyu, who made all 23 appearances last season as a starting pitcher and posted an average ERA of 5.04 with 6 wins and 11 losses, was pushed out of the starting rotation ahead of the start of this season. It fell behind in competition with junior players such as Lee Min-ho and Kang Hyo-jong. As a result, the role given to him was long relief.스포츠토토

LG Lim Chan-kyu has shown a more mature appearance this year in all aspects as well as his skills. Photo (Jamsil, Seoul) = Reporter Kim Yeong-gu
Lim Chan-gyu, who was like that, is showing a counter-fight. In 8 games (27.2 innings), including the game against Kiwoom Heroes in Jamsil on the 11th, he has an average ERA of 2.28 with 2 wins and 1 hold.

In particular, when Lee Min-ho left due to a right elbow injury recently, he made four appearances as a starting pitcher to fill the gap, and his ERA during this period was only 0.92. What is the secret of his success? Lim Chan-gyu, who led LG’s 1-0 victory while winning his second win of the season with 6 scoreless innings against Kiwoom in Jamsil on the 11th, told the reason after the game.

He said, “It seems that the preparations are going well. “(Yeom Kyung-yeop) coach said, ‘(You) were originally a pitcher who caught a lot of strikeouts, but after the speed went up, the strikeouts decreased and the batting average went up. When asked, ‘What is the cause? I definitely felt the importance (of changing pitches and pitches), and that seems to lead to good results.”

At the same time, Lim Chan-gyu said, “(Compared to last year), the biggest change seems to be the mindset. After I failed last year, I read a lot of books and mentally studied a lot since winter.” “All I can control is throwing the ball from 18.44m to where I want. But (so far) I went up the mound thinking too much about things I couldn’t control, such as the referee, spectators, and the weather. I tried to throw away those thoughts and simply focus on throwing the ball. The difference from last year is that I try to throw the ball according to my tempo,” he explained.

Lim Chan-kyu continues to fight hard as a starter. Do you have any desire to get back on the mound as a starting pitcher?

Responding to his position as “pitcher,” he said, “If you go out as a starter, it’s a starter, if you go out in the middle, it’s an intermediate one, and there really doesn’t seem to be anything like that.” I think I became a starting pitcher sooner than I thought. I thought that (Kang) Hyojong and (Lee) Minho would go in for a while and make up for it when (Kang) Hyojong and (Lee) Minho needed a rest over May or June, but (Lee) Minho got injured, so he came early. Fortunately, he seems to be adjusting well. If (Lee) Min-ho returns (as a starter) and I throw in the middle and the team wins a lot, that is a plus factor, so I will prepare well,” he said confidently.

Lim Chan-gyu, who recorded a total of 80 pitches on the day, added 31 fastballs, 24 curveballs, a changeup (18 pitches), and a slider (7 pitches). It is noticeable that he used the curve more than the changeup, which was initially known as his main weapon.

Lim Chan-gyu said, “When starting out, the changeup is less used. When I go to the middle, I can give a break to the changeup because I only pitch all my power.” It’s not terribly bad, so the changeup should come up. I’m using it a lot now because the curve is in good shape,” he explained.

In particular, the lowest speed recorded by Lim Chan-gyu in this game was measured at 99 km. It is said that there was also a confrontation (?) with his opponent starting pitcher Jeong Chan-heon.

He said, “In the last KIA Tigers match, I threw Choi Hyung-woo once (slowly) and it came out 96 km. I talked (with Jeong Chan-heon) before the game. I can throw more slowly (laughs). (Jeong) Chan-heon threw a 95km curve to (Oh) Ji-hwan, so I threw it slowly, but the speed came out a little higher. I think I lost,” he laughed cheerfully.

When Lim Chan-kyu kept the mound until the 6th inning and went down, LG left the 7th and 9th innings to the young young guns, Yoo Young-chan and Park Myeong-geun. The two pitchers each blocked the inning scoreless and harvested holds and saves.

When asked if he wanted to digest more innings, Lim Chan-gyu said, “There wasn’t much. Since when did I throw 7 or 8 innings (laughs)… He said, “When it was good, the director took it out, and good results came out. I threw about 80, but I think I can prepare well for the next match. It’s good to win in the end.”

LG suffered a 1-11 loss against Kiwoom on the 10th due to the sluggishness of the bullpen, which only allowed 10 runs in 3 innings. As a person before being a player, Lim Chan-gyu could have been concerned that his 2nd victory could be canceled on this day. But he said, “(There was no such worry) at all. (Today too) I came out to win the team rather than to be the winning pitcher.”

Next, Lim Chan-gyu said, “(Yoo) Young-chan and (Park) Myeong-geun must have been very nervous.” I wasn’t too worried,” he said.

Lim Chan-gyu of LG is taking care of not only his juniors who lack experience, but also his colleagues who have recently fallen into sluggishness. Photo (Jamsil, Seoul) = Reporter Kim Yeong-gu
Two pitchers who were the core of the LG bullpen, including Jung Woo-young, who became the hold king last year with 35 holds, and Lee Jung-yong, who recorded 22 holds at the same time, are currently in slump side by side. Instead, young bloods such as Yoo Young-chan and Park Myung-geun are filling the place.

Lim Chan-gyu, who is also the leader of the LG pitching team, said, “It’s good to see (Park) Myeong-geun and (Yoo) Young-chan a lot of new pitchers come out. will do well in the future I hope that the two players will promote, saying, “I want to do better because I know that feeling.”

He also said, “(Lee) Jeong-yong and (Jeong) Woo-young are having a hard time. Even the word “quick” seems a bit rushed. I hope these friends will gradually find their condition and do well. I didn’t do much last year, and I tried hard, but it was really bad inside and it was hard. The team continues to look high, but I hope the two players will recover without shrinking at all. I hope my younger brothers and sisters can come up here and play a good game,” he sent a heartfelt message of support to Lee Jung-yong and Jung Woo-young. It was a part where we could get a glimpse of Lim Chan-kyu, who had matured a lot.

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