Last winter, the Lotte Giants were the busiest team.

The squad has been greatly revamped. The center line was strengthened by recruiting Yoo Kang-nam, Noh Jin-hyuk, and Han Hyun-hee by filling the limit on recruiting free agents from outside. With a non-FA multi-year contract, he held down local ace Park Se-woong.

A large number of experienced players who were brilliant in the release player market have also been brought in.

Experienced pitchers such as Kim Sang-soo, Yun Myeong-jun, Shin Jeong-rak, and Cha Woo-chan, who were from Heuldwang, wore Lotte uniforms.

In addition to relatively young pitchers such as Hyun Do-hoon and Kim Tae-wook, outfielders such as Ahn Kwon-soo and Lee Jeong-hoo, and catcher Lee Jeong-hoon with good batting skills were recruited.

The more, the better the bullpen pitcher. I am making good use of it.

Kim Sang-soo is on a winning streak with an average ERA of 1.65 with 3 wins, 1 save and 6 holds in 22 games.

Myungjun Yoon also recorded 3 holds in 8 games. Shin Jeong-rak is also adding strength with two wins.

Ahn Kwon-soo is also adding great strength in both ball and defense.

A good memory of ‘Gleaning’. He was recruited during the season. This time, he is a giant outfielder.

On the morning of the 22nd, Lotte officially announced that it had recruited former Doosan Bears outfielder Kuk Hae-seong (34).

Regarding the background of Kook Hae-seong’s recruitment, the club said, “As a switch hitter who can create long hits, it was judged that it would be helpful to strengthen the depth of the outfield and utilize pinch-hit resources.”

Kuk Hae-seong is a player Lotte has been looking for for a long time.

He already contacted me once last winter. However, at the time, the condition of the knee where he had the surgery was not very good. He delayed signing because he was not in test condition. A blitz contract was made at the present time when his knee pain was shaken off and he was perfected.

The team situation also had an impact.

Outfielder Jack Rex with a knee injury and Hwang Seong-bin with an ankle injury are missing from Lotte two weeks ago.

New faces such as Ahn Kwon-soo, Kim Min-soo and Yoon Dong-hee are doing well, but there was a need to strengthen outfield depth.메이저사이트

There was also a thirst for a big one. As of the 22nd, Lotte, which expanded the Sajik Stadium, is the lowest with 16 team home runs. Through the Kuk Hae-seong card with one-hit power, the outfield depth was strengthened and a pinch hitter resource capable of hitting one shot was secured at the same time. Will ‘Gleas Picking’ succeed once again during the season?

It remains to be seen whether it will become a catalyst to boost the fever of Lotte baseball, which goes beyond ‘Spring Day’ and heads toward a hot summer.

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