The men’s division of the V-League is expected to be the sole stage for Korean Air (36 points) this season. there is no one to stop 2nd place Hyundai Capital (30 points), which was considered a rival, is also unable to show its spirit in front of Korean Air. They faced each other 3 times this season and lost all of them.

After winning against Hyundai Capital on the 18th, Korean Air coach Tommy Tillikainen (35) said, “Our players find a solution to the attack on their own. Hyundai Capital is good at blocking, but our strikers score wisely,” he said proudly. He then boasted of middle blocker (center) Kim Min-jae (19). He said, “He is a player who really tries. He also can do better. The potential is sufficient. He can’t tell you how far he will grow. He only knows himself.”

Kim Min-jae, who is fully trusted by the coach, is a hit product in the V-League this season. In his second year of debut, he not only became a starter for the leading team, but also developed into one of the best middle blockers in the entire league.

What catches his attention is that he has only played volleyball for 4 years. He started his career as an elite player in his first year of high school at the recommendation of a physical education teacher, and wore a Korean Air uniform with the first pick in the second round of the draft in the 2021-2022 season. He spent his first year mostly in the warm-up zone, scoring 28 points as a substitute in seven games.

The big topic was the opening game of this season with KB Insurance. He appeared as a surprise starter and vomited spirits with 10 points including 3 blocks. In particular, his speed was outstanding. Utilizing his quick movements and ample flight time, his attacks caught his opponent off guard. 메이저사이트

Kim Min-jae scored 13 points (3 blocking, 71.43% attack success rate) in the match against Hyundai Capital on the 18th. Most goals scored in a single match by an individual. He also participated in all 14 games Korean Air played this season, and is ranked 4th in blocking and 5th in fast attack. Being a starting pitcher at such a young age is bound to be burdensome. However, he said confidently, “It’s true that it was a burden, but as time went by, I became less nervous, and I do what I want to do.”

He thanked those around him for help. The coach gave me opportunities to compete and confidence, and the setter helped me learn the basics of volleyball. In particular, regarding coach Casper Vuorinen, he said, “He gives a lot of advice to the point of having a separate meeting right before the game. He gave appropriate autographs during the game,” he said, expressing his gratitude.

Kim Min-jae is the No. 1 “Z-Star” in the voting for the All-Star Game to be held in January next year. He said, “I feel the popularity these days. He is loved so much that I honestly can’t believe it. His older brothers advertised a lot to tell him to go to the All-Star game,” he said, expressing his determination, saying, “I will try to become the best player in the position I play.”