The Toronto Blue Jays removed veteran starter Anthony Bass (36) from their major league roster.

The Blue Jays announced on the 10th (Korean time) that they would transfer Bass, returning Mitch White from the 60-day disabled list due to a right elbow injury.

Bass can go through the waiver process and become a free agent or remain a minor league player under the club. You are more likely to choose the former.

The past two weeks have been eventful for Bass.

He became controversial at the end of May when he shared a video supporting anti-homosexuality on his Instagram. In this video, while proposing a boycott against companies that support sexual minorities, he argued that supporting homosexuality is “an act possessed by evil spirits.”

Coincidentally, this happened ahead of the Pride Night (an event to commemorate sexual minorities) prepared by the club.

As public opinion worsened, he met with reporters again on the 9th and explained the situation. At this meeting, he apologized for the incident, but made it clear that he had no intention of changing his beliefs.

Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins announced that Bass would receive a commemorative pitch on LGBT Day, and the situation seemed to end like this.토토사이트

However, the Blue Jays club made a superpower by excluding him from the season plan in one day.

If Bass was a big player on the team, he couldn’t have been pushed out like this. He played 20 innings in 22 games this season, recording an ERA of 4.95, 3 home runs, 9 walks and 19 strikeouts. It was not used in an important situation to the extent that the hold was only used once.

Ross Atkins, general manager of the Blue Jays, also explained in an interview with local media such as ‘Sports Net’ that this decision was thoroughly related to baseball.

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