After Woori Card sent Na Gyeong-bok to free agency, captain and main setter Hwang Seung-bin was traded to KB Insurance. 

KB Insurance said in an official press release on the 25th, “KB Insurance and Woori Card conducted a one-on-one trade to send outside heater Han Seong-jeong and recruit setter Hwang Seung-bin.”

KB Insurance expects Hwang Seung-bin to fill the setter vacancy caused by the enlistment of main setter Hwang Taek-eui. In addition, Woori Card, which sent Na Gyeong-bok, tried to reinforce the domestic outside heater position with Han Seong-jeong. As a result, Hwang Seung-bin met Na Gyeong-bok, who had previously moved to KB Insurance. 

Hwang Seung-bin joined Korean Air in the 2014-15 season in the 5th place in the first round, and then changed his uniform four times from Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Woori Card to KB Insurance. As of the previous season, he played in 36 matches (140 sets) and recorded 64 points, blocking 0.27, serve 0.07, and 10.29 per set.

In addition, striker Han Seong-jeong, who was traded, will return to his home team after 1 year and 6 months. Seong-Jung Han started his professional career by joining Woori Card as the 1st ranked player in the 1st round of the 2017-18 season. Afterwards, he played for Woori Card until the 20-21 season, then traded with Kim Jae-hwi and Kim Dong-min the following season and moved to KB Insurance. 

In the 22-23 season,먹튀검증 when he was active at KB Insurance, his performance was 234 points in 34 games (115 sets), and the overall attack rate was 45.89%. He recorded a blocking 0.21, serve 0.08, and receiving efficiency 32.27%. 

KB Insurance coach Hu In-jeong and Woori Card coach Shin Young-chul said, “We made a trade to strengthen the position necessary for the team in preparation for the 23-24 season.” I hope to show a good figure.” 

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