It is said that Tottenham wingback Ivan Perisic (34) is considering a return to Inter Milan. It has been a year since he transferred to Tottenham after being called by former manager Antonio Conte.

England’s Team Talk said on the 2nd (Korean time), “Perisic regrets moving to Tottenham. He wants to leave Tottenham and return to Inter Milan,” he said. “It is known that he is trying to return to his former team after spending a difficult first season at Tottenham.” 

Perisic is a veteran wingback resource who was called up by manager Conte last summer and wore a Tottenham uniform. Coach Conte preferred Italian Serie A players who had been coaching for a long time and his favorite pupil from Inter Milan, and Perisic was recruited as part of that. It was in the same context that rumors of Tottenham transfers were constantly raised for not only Perisic, but also players whom coach Conte used heavily.

As he recorded 8 goals and 7 assists in Serie A before moving to Tottenham, Tottenham was highly anticipated. However, Perisic scored only one goal. In Conte’s coaching system, he mainly played the role of left wingback, but he also received local criticism that Son Heung-min’s presence was greatly reduced as he moved more aggressively than striker Son Heung-min. 

The problem is that coach Conte was sacked midway through the season. It wasn’t that he didn’t have a noticeable performance last season, and the command tower that recruited him was hardened, so Tottenham’s position is inevitably reduced. This is the background in which he is pushing himself to return to Inter Milan, where he performed better.

Previously, rumors of Perisic’s return to Inter Milan were constantly raised through the Italian media. “Perisic wants to come back to Italy,” Calciomercato said. Inter Milan, his home team, is the destination he specifically wants.”

From Tottenham’s point of view, Perishi’s transfer is not a big loss. Rather, Desnity Udoji, who performed well on the Serie A stage, returns after a rental life. As the contract expires next summer, you have to transfer this summer to expect even a little profit from the transfer fee. 메이저놀이터

However, the key is whether Inter Milan will embrace Perisic again. Considering Perisic’s transfer fee and his annual salary set by Tottenham, Inter Milan has no reason to actively promote Perisic’s recruitment. Team Talk also predicted, “If Inter Milan is in a difficult situation to recruit Perisic, he may have to stay at Tottenham for one more season.” This means that uncomfortable companionship is inevitable. 

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