Uiwang G-Sports Club became the first club champion.

Uiwang G-Sports Club defeated Wanju Sports Club 65-28 in the club division of the 22nd National Elementary School Basketball Tournament held at the Kimcheon Gymnasium on the 23rd, winning all 3 matches.

With a new club division game being established for the first time this year, 4 teams participated in this tournament, including Uiwang G-Sports Club, Wanju Sports Club, Jeonju Vision Sports, and Seogwipo City Sports Club, and played in a full league format. Uiwang G-Sports Club boasted overwhelming performance throughout this tournament. Uiwang G-Sports Club recorded an overwhelming margin of 31.6 points in 3 matches.

At the center of the win was 6th grader Jang Dong-gyu (165cm, G).

Jang Dong-gyu recorded an average double-double with 17.0 points, 10.0 rebounds and 4.0 steals in three games in this tournament. He recorded 22 points, 9 rebounds and 6 steals in the last game against Wanju Sports Club on the 23rd, and based on this, he was selected as the MVP of this tournament.

Meanwhile, in the previous game, Jeonju Vision Sports Club defeated Seogwipo City Sports Club 44-30 and achieved the final result of the tournament with 2 wins and 1 loss. Choi Han-gyeol (28 points, 13 rebounds, 2 assists, 4 steals) was fierce, and Lee Ha-min (9 points, 13 rebounds, 2 steals, 3 blocked shots) showed his presence in defense and dirty work.

Seogwipo City Sports Club struggled with Lee Kwon-hyeok (10 points, 19 rebounds, 10 steals) achieving a triple-double with steals, but the rest of the players were disappointing. Seogwipo City Sports Club finished this tournament with 1 win and 2 losses.

Meanwhile,메이저사이트 there are a total of 15 public sports clubs operating across the country, including boys’ elementary schools (7), women’s elementary schools (4), boys’ middle schools (3), and boys’ high schools (1). According to the Korea Basketball Association, from next year’s tournament, more teams will be recruited to drastically increase the size of each club division, and furthermore, it plans to prepare conditions for sending them as professional players.

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