Former investigation team leader Park recently began mentioning the possibility that external pressure began at the direction of President Yoon Seok-yeol.

At the same time, when the press briefing on the death of the late Corporal Chae in the line of duty was suddenly canceled, a recording of former Director Park explaining the situation was also released.

The President’s Office denied all allegations.

Next is reporter Park Chan.


Park Jeong-hoon, former head of the Marine Corps investigation team, and his legal representative, lawyer Kim Jeong-min.

On the 24th, a day before the Investigation Review먹튀검증 Committee was held, the two had a conversation about the situation on the 31st of last month, right after the press briefing was suddenly canceled.

Former Director Park told Attorney Kim that the Marine Corps commander at the time was embarrassed and looked into the situation.

[“The commander suddenly became confused. He was wondering what the situation was. So he must have raised the antenna here and there. So he must have even talked to the military aide at the Blue House once.”] As a result, at the Presidential Office meeting that morning

, VIP , In other words, he said he heard that President Yoon Seok-yeol was very angry after receiving the results of the investigation.

[” I was holding a meeting hosted by a VIP and the military aide was talking about this and that. I have never been more angry than this regarding the military. He said he was the most furious and immediately contacted the Minister of National Defense and said that he had slammed it…” ]

They claimed that the external pressure from the Ministry of Defense to ‘exclude suspects’ may have started with the President’s instructions.

The recording of former Director Park was made public during the comprehensive policy inquiry of the National Assembly Budget and Accounts Committee.

The President’s Office refuted this.

It is true that a meeting of senior presidential secretaries was held on the morning of the 31st of last month, but the investigation team’s findings were not reported to President Yoon Seok-yeol.

[Cho Tae-yong/Director of the National Security Office/Today/National Assembly Steering Committee: “I have not reported anything regarding the investigation. (You mean I did not report anything at the chief secretaries’ meeting on the 31st?).”] Director Cho Lee Jong-seop said after the meeting

: He said he spoke with the Minister of Defense several times, but did not discuss this incident.

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